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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Han Solo (Frozen)


Normally I don't make customs of figures I already have, but Han in Carbonite figures are rather limiting. I already have the POTF2 version with Han melting out, and since the Saga 2 version is also him melting, I figured I'd do the opposite and make him whole. My silver didn't match the paint used, so Ihad to do the entire carbonite surface, which was fine since if you look closely in the movie, the outer shell is darker. I was planning on detailing the controls on the side, but the ones sculpted in, don't really match anything from the movie, so I skipped it. Oddly enough, the outer shell (which is a completely different piece from the red center part) is transparent plastic, painted gunmetal, rather then just being molded in colored plastic.


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