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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Darth Vader (X-Ray)


I've come to accept the fact that for as long as I buy my figures by the case, I will never run out of extra Vaders. When the original Emperor's Wrath Vader came out, I though about trying to cut off the helmet to reveal the skull underneath. I'm glad I waited as the arm on this figure features the same skeletal center. Removing the helmet was somewhat easy - I did a cut around the top on the dome and peeled it off. I then cut a seam down the back of the remaining helmet and peeled it off as well (which was a little more difficult) I had to go back and slice off the bottom of the helmet and put it back on the figure, however, as the lower part of the skull is bear and the head tended to bob a bit. The arm was a lot harder to do, and I almost snapped it off. I couldn't get it to peel, so I wound up just slicing off the outer plastic until it was all cut away.


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