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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Clone Trooper (Utapau Concept)


The only place I've seen this Clone Trooper is in the t-shirt artwork at StarWarsShop's custom t-shirt store. I named him "Utapau Concept" because his markings were modified slightly, recolored orange, and given to Commander Cody. I wish I could've gotten a larger ref pic, but the one I using is blown up as it is - the original was only about an inch big. I couldn't tell if he had knee markings or if that was just dirt, so I left it blank in case a more detailed photo comes along. I didn't quite match the color of the markings, but had nothing that looked like the right color. I think it's supposed to be the same color as the marking on the standing Clone Trooper from the 3-Pack (the one with the dots)

UPDATE - I got a clearer pic (though not by much) of this Trooper, so I did a slight repaint


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