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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk Concept)


Obviously based on the first Galactic Heroes Clone Trooper from Ep3, I named him "Kashyyyk Concept" simply because he came with Chewbacca. Gree was the only "traditional" Clone Trooper seen on Kashyyyk, everyone else was a BARC Trooper. The markings went to Commander Neyo on Salucami, and other than the GH figure I have no proof if this existed in any concepts, or if Hasbro just goofed on the color. The kneeling green Clone from the 3-Pack has the same markings as the Utapau clones, and the yellow Felucia clones were once red, so it's possible that the red dots were once blue. The figure itself was made from a prone Clone from the 3-Pack. I cut and reglued the legs to make them straighter - and to my surprise he can stand on his own!


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