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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


The Story of the Lost Re-Carding Project

So, back around the time I graduated from college, I had briefly moved back home. While there I decided it might be cool to re-card all my custom figures. I had kept all the packaging and worked out which figures would go in which bubbles (you’ll notice that most of these figures a repaints, and not part swaps.) From there I went the FFURG’s template page and pulled what I needed. I was planning on printing out only the bubble labels and head shots from the front of the cards and printing them on glossy sticker paper. For the freeze frames I planned on printing out the center on transparencies and the text on stickers (which I later did for a custom freeze frame project that I have yet to display on this site, stay tuned…) I wanted to get as many photorealistic images as possible, and a lot of the graphics you’re seeing look pretty rough, since I never went back to clean them up, and a lot of the colors are off, as I was still learning on PhotoShop for the early ones. Ultimately I decided not finish because I decided not to re-card. It was getting to be a lot of work, and I wasn’t even sure if I’d even have room to display it all. I also realized that after I had typed everything up, that I had forgotten to put the text in all caps. You’ll notice that there aren’t any CommTech or PotJ cards shown. I had some planned, but quit before I got that far. The Episode 1 cards also proved to be a bit of a challege, as they’re the only movie specific cards out there, but I used most of my Episode 1 fodders figs to make figures from other movies and the EU. So anyway, here are the images, recently unearthed from an old hard drive that I had meant to hook up to my now year-old “new” computer. A lot are far from finished, and I’m toying with the idea of going back and completing them bit by bit. I don’t know when I’ll find the time for it, but it’s an idea for the future :) As an added bonus, each graphic is linked to the figure it was supposed to be for.

Red Cards

Green Cards

Freeze Frames

Expanded Universe



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