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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Boba Fett (Mandelorian Super Commando

(from The Search Begins)


This figure almost didn't get made. I had assumed that when Boba Fett was shown in flashback, his outfit was meant to be the same as his ESB one. I was making his other two Super Commandos, however, and figured I'd make him match. His outfit changes between films, who's to say that it wasn't different earlier on (I made the Holiday Special one after all). The story told in the Marvel comics was that Fett and his two fellow Mandelorian Super Commandos were sent in the the Emperor to fight in the Clone Wars. Technically it could still fit into continuity, though Fett would still be only 13 or 14. He could've painted Jango's outfit to match the other two green ones when the Super Commandos were formed. Then of course it got beat up, looking like it did during the movies. I kept his helmet and chest armor the same green, and painted his buddies with two different shades in order to add some variety.


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