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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Boba Fett Mini Holo (Return of the Jedi)


Oh these damn mini-holos! the Random packing sucks, so it was nice that there's only going to be twelve of them. However, 12 min-holos in a 56 figure line means a TON of duplicates (not to mention the figures I get for customs) I got started making customs due to extra Micro Machines pack-ins, so I knew I'd at least try and paint my duplicates here. Boba Fett I could get a ton of repaints out of, though I'm not so sure about the other ones I get. One repaint may be all I can do for Maul or the Stormtrooper, but I'll guess we'll see. Fett also seems to be the most challenging to do, but I'm quite proud of the results - there were a lot of details to be done!


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