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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Boba Fett (Early Suit)


This is the Boba Fett that's caused so much confusion over the years! Boba Fett's costume went through numerous changes during it's initial development, and I based the body on the one that's in most of the released photos, and the helmet on one of the ones that had two "eyes" on the top. I'm not sure anyone knows what the real timeline of development was, outside of those who worked on it. You'll notice that there are features of this figure that made it into several Fett figs over the years - the one red, one yellow gauntlets are on the vintage Fett, the black dots on the gloves were infamously on the 1st POTF2 version - and you'll notice that they are solid on the costume. I could explain all the details that differ on Fett's two movie costumes, but it's easier just to point out that the only correctly colored ESB Fett is the POTJ 300th figure, and the only correctly colored ROTJ Fett is the VOTC version. The new Saga 2 version is close, but the jet pack is painted green, instead of blue - something that I had to correct for this figure. I got a new dark blue Sharpie for the jumpsuit, which proved ot be a little too dark, so I started to apply it, and then wipe it off while it was still wet. I think it came out looking really good, though I got some much ink on my hands, I don't think I'll be doing it all that often. A major cause for confusion is that the early suit had the multicolored jetpack and red gauntlet, which were changed to green for ESB, and then changed back for ROTJ, with the yellow one getting changed to red. The jumpsuit went from dark blue, to light blue, to grey, and the gloves went from brown/yellow with a black dot, to light and dark grey with no dots. The pouches on his belt were solid across for the early suit and ESB, but in RotJ the middle ones are missing. The cargo pockets hanging off his belt went from tan, to light blue, and back to tan as well. I think those are all the major changes - hopefully I've helped out a few Fett fanatics


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