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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




This figure was born from more extra parts in the mega parts auction I've now mentioned a thousand times. At this point the parts are getting more and more random, so Arica's back (and left hand) is Endor Leia's and not Slave Leia's. I always try to spot the background character for reference, and Arica is in RotJ a fair amount once I knew where too look. I'm still not sure if her skirt is entire the right color, or if she's even wearing pants or a skirt. I can tell you that she's often seen canoodling with Bib Fortuna in the caverns! Maybe Leia's bikini was his idea. The front of Slave Leia's torso was broken off by the right shoulder, so I added a bit of Qui-Gon hair to cover it. It cam eout so well, that it's something I may do more often in the future.


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