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Freythan Paros

Water of brightest crimson
As if the earth had bled in pain
Tide comes, the bay runs red
Tide goes out, having stained the ground
Upon its waves we sail
Upon the waves of Crimson

The waves conceal unknown treasures
Relics from our lost past
Reminders of who we once were
Memories forever forgotten
Dyed in crimson, frozen in silence
Below the waves of Crimson

Danger also lies below
The waves we sail upon
F'tarns, Garts, and M'rot Fertins
Churn the waters below
The dangers, they hunt below
And on the waves of Crimson

Now beauty also ekes out here
Among all the danger
The voice of the Glyte
Is a sailor's delight
As we sail upon the sea
Among the waves of Crimson

A lonely life one would lead
Sailing these waters alone
With none to rescue him if
He met with a ferocious F'tarn!
A lonely life he would lead
Upon the waves of Crimson

As sailors we do sail the sea
Shipping goods and people around
We see the world and then some
We live upon the sea
Our lives we live and then return
Return to the waves of Crimson.