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Dark Chapter 2

Alexander was not happy. He hated being covered in water....and he hated being blown around, even if it was just his clothing. Alex needed to find Raze, that way he could end the damned mission once and for all. Then maybe he could have some fun with those Acolytes of Fespar.

Finding Raze was much harder than it had originally been thought to be. After winning the competition, his target disappeared. Then the storm hit and washed away any trail Alexander had followed. It was simply.....irritating. Now, his frustration showed through his magic. The temperature around him was twenty degrees higher than the surrounding air, causing an aura of steam to hover around him in the moist air. The water on the streets sizzled and evaporated with every step he took. His path was soon blocked by a giant man in armor.

"Out of my way," Alex said bluntly, looking up to the man. His sight was quickly met with a gauntlet swinging toward him. The magi ducked and ran two fingers underneath the armor, heating it up to extreme levels. The armored man didn't pay heed to the heat and swung again. Yet again, Alexander dodged, but this time he took a good look at his attacker. The metal plate over his right eye gave a clear hint over who it was. Raze's booming laughter echoed in Alex's mind.

"You're a quick one, magi." He said, smiling. "I heard you were looking for me. What's the reason?"

Alexander had to compose himself a little and get out of his battle mindset. "Yes, I have been searching for you." The magi replied, "My master requests a mission of you."

"I will not join unless you prove something to me." Raze replied, a spark of lightning jumping from one of the metal plates on his arms to the plate over his eye.

"What do you want me to prove?"

"Prove that you are not being controlled." A smile formed on Raze's lips. Thoughts raced through Alexander's mind. Of course he was being controlled. He had a master who could destroy him if that idea so much as formed in his head. Nothing came up that could possibly prove that he was on his own......except one.

Adam... Alexander thought. When the message reached him, Adam appeared from the ground beside Alex.

"What's the problem, Alexander?" He asked, "Can't find the man and are giving up already? You know how much I've wanted to see you fall. I just hop that th-" Adam was cut off mid sentence by an explosion of fire. He landed ten feet away from the fire magi, who was wreathed in an aura of flame.

"Your time has come've mocked me for the last time!" Alexander said, remaining eerily calm. Adam, however, was hysterical.

"Wha-What?!" He cried out, "What the hell do you think you're doing?! Our master will kill you for this treachery."

"I'm cutting my strings, Adam." The flames increased in intensity. "I'm acting out of a need to complete my own task....something for my own power." While the intention was originally to have Raze help him in destroying the temple for his master, Alexander's mind seemed to have snapped loose from control. He felt the need for his own power....and he felt free for the first time in his life.

"You're crazy!" Was the earthen magi's only reply. He was too frightened to work his magic, his only defense possible in this state was a dust thin barrier.

"No...I'm free..." Alexander stated, raising his hands to the sky. Black clouds started to form overhead and swirl. "Enjoy the burnout...."

A gigantic flaming tornado ripped through the clouds and engulfed the street in hellfire. Alexander's laugh could be heard throughout the spectacle as he, Adam, and Raze disappeared in the firestorm.

Dust and ash flowed through the street, nothing left behind. However, a large mark was burned into the ground by the flames. It would be unknown to this town now, but soon, everyone in the world would know of Alexander's crest.

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