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Dark Chapter 1

Plumes of fire ignited the landscape as Alexander faced off against his adversary. His sparring partner for today, Adam, was proving to be much more frustrating than he had been before. The two were merely at a stand off, neither making another move. Adam finally lunged, the earth around them rushing around to form a spike around his outstretched arm. Alexander easily ducked to the side and struck Adam hard in the face with the heel of his boot. His foe went down with that one blow, knocked utterly unconscious. Their battlefield faded back into darkness as the magic wore off. The other four clapped. "A new record there Alex, it only took you four hours to knock him out. Adam is a hard bastard to knock out, let alone do so with a normal attack. Why didn't you use any of your fire abilities?" asked Amilio, a smile curled across his lips.

"Shut up, and what are you morons doing here anyways. I thought the master ordered you all to the main hall…and never call me Alex." Alexander replied with venom on the tip of his voice. "You shouldn't disobey the master, and don't piss me off." he said before he walked off. Amilio and the remaining people looked a tad downtrodden, but got up and dragged Adam with them.

Alexander's footsteps echoed throughout the main hall as he paced impatiently for the others to arrive. His master hated tardiness and so did Alex. Though something weighed more heavily on Alexander's mind than being late to this meeting. The shaman named Lukas had gotten away from him when he torched the village. He had even changed his ritual black in for grey in order to blend in, though ever so slightly. His master would certainly punish him for failing at such an easy task. His thoughts quickly shifted as the remaining people gathered in.

"About time! You people need to get your acts together!" He shouted at them. They, of course, merely shrugged it off. Alexander sighed at the futility of it all.

Silence! All of you! Pay heed, for I will only address you once, exclaimed a deep, booming voice from the void in the center of the room. A figure appeared above the darkness, cloaked and hooded with a heavy black. Now that my plans are falling slowly into place, I am giving each of you new assignments. Amilio…you, Adam, and Erik will search out Windrider. My minions are closely following her, but only one of you is strong enough to capture her. Go now! With this said, Amilio, Adam, and Erik all nodded and walked off. Markus and Argus, you will stay here and make sure that this place remains hidden and take care of any intruders. Markus and Argus nodded and disappeared like the other three. Their master finally turned to Alexander. I have a special job for you. Alexander was sweating a little bit, but he maintained some composure. There is a weapon master by the name of Raze in the eastern parts of the world. I want you to seek him out and bring him to the Hall of Fespar. Those damned Acolytes have gotten in our way for the last time. Have them destroyed and then pay Raze whatever he wants. The figure then disappeared into the void in which it came. Alexander heaved a sigh of relief and headed to the map room. He had a long journey ahead of him.

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