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About us


I'm Ryan, a Junior in high school. I do a lot of writing in my spare time, that is if I have any free time. I normally write poetry, but ever since I tried National Novel Writing Month I've gotten into short and long stories. I also like anime and reading. The reason Roxanne and I decided to do this was... it was a sponteinious idea that we didn't think anyone had done before.


I'm 17 years old and a junior at CHS. My talents include Rhythmic Gymnastics, drawing, ceramics, weaving, beading, writing….ect. The list is too long for me to repeat. Lets just say that I've at least tried every type of art that I have heard of (including glassblowing). I have a lot of fun writing especially since I have around sixteen different plots and stories running around in my head at one time. There are some times that I am extremely stubborn and I added that factor to my character. Um… that's about it. I may add on to this later if I think of anything else.