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The Chronicles of Itania

A Web Novel

Welcome to The Chronicles of Itania, a webnovel that is be written by three people. Each chapter will be written focusing one of the two main characters. the first chapter will be written by me (ryan), and the other will be written by roxanne and we will alternate, also our newest member (sean) will write the Dark Chapters, focusing on the the leader of the evil in Itania and his minions. We hope you enjoy! Please don't mind the spelling and grammar errors, we are constantly editing and they will be fixed as soon as we find them. And please be patient, we're still in school so homework and other things will take precedence over this project, but we promise to get the chapters out as fast as we can.


Welcome to Itania. A world were the plains are filled with golden grass, grazing animals, and the occasional man-eating plant. The forests by day are filled with life and pleasant smells, but at night grow dark and glow with a sinister light. The oceans are a bright crimson, as if the sunset had melted into the water, which is filled with creatures that would blow the mind of one who had lived in the land-locked countries his entire life. The sky is a light lavender and looking into it you can see three of the four suns, and if you are lucky, one or two of the two of Itania's moons. The mountain people have mastered the dragon tongues and they both live in harmony helping each other out were needed, none being superior to the other. Itania, an innocent world whose history has been lost, and everyone knows that history repeats itself...


Dark Chapters

Dark Chapter 1
Dark Chapter 2


Spirit Guards


Lore Page

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(12/05/05) chapter 25 is up now. I apologize for its lateness, but I have started college and had a ton of writing projects to do. the chapter is kind of short, but I tried my best. Roxanne is on break right now, so she should be able to get her next chapter up quickly. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for sticking with us!
(6/27/05) Okay,Roxanne finally finished her chapter. She was busy all of May with school and rhythmic gymnastics and a webcomic that she is drawing (if you read counterculture check their site within the next few weeks because we will advertise there!). I'll get to work on my chapter and hopefully I'll have it done sooner than later. I have a busy month ahead of me though. Enjoy!
(5/16/05) I apologize for not having any activity for so long. Roxanne and Sean have been working on a webcomic. I'm the webmaster for it and I'll post a link soon after its up and running. Roxanne is ALMOST done with her chapter and I'll have it up as soon as she's done. Also, if you've been reading, you'll notice that I have changed the backgrounds of the chapters, this is because I've been told that the background/text combination was hard to read. I would have done this sooner if someone had commented on it here. Please! Please! give comments about the website and story if you post on our guestbook! Your feedback is valuable.

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