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War of Mythologies

Info: War of Mythologies is a mixture of political/military strategy/adventure that bases its leading character on a seemingly obscure quest to save the kingdom of Gaeacil, the rightful seat of power for the Gaian Empires of Man. As the leading character, you are thrust into the middle of a brewing war and must complete battles to gain favor in politics and elsewhere. However, you must survive insurgent attacks by assassins, mercenaries, and of course spies sent by others conspiring to unseat you from the Emperor's favor. This is an exciting game idea I am willing to share with you at the ZTGD Forums. Look up the site link to look about the design document.

Site Link: Contents for War of Mythologies
Reference #1: Encyclopedia Mythica - European Mythology
Reference #2: Ancient Empires
Reference #3: Roman Military - History

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