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The Riggins Family Train Project

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Started - December 18, 2000 - a work in progress

Tom & Robbin Riggins - Last Update 07/02/02

We're pretty wrapped up for the season, we do most of our work on our layout between November and February

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Motorized Bascule Bridge


    Here's a aerial view of are newly expended HO scale layout.  This is also the site map.  Were still in process of completing the diorama, it's a work in progress that perhaps will never fully be finished.  We expanded our previous layout to take over the whole room.  We've gone from two main line loops that literally passed over themselves and a third "end to end" Shay line, to two full mainline loops with a third full Shay loop.  We also included bridges, trestles, and a small yard with a turntable and roundhouse.  This larger layout allowed us to explore some aspects of model railroading that we had always wanted but never had the room.  Additionally this layout is DCC controlled using a Digitrax Empire Builder II set with Digitrax, TCC, and Soundtraxx decoders.  We intend to exploit the lighting and sound special effects where ever we can.  

    We're aiming for around a 1950's era but we aren't to particular so you'll undoubtedly see period errors.  We're in this just for fun so if it's a choice of doing what's historically correct vs. doing what we like, we'll always chose to do what we like.

    You'll see most of our engines and much of our rolling stock is C&O/Chessie.  The BL2 started us off on this road name.  We liked the colors...what can I say.   We're not sticking exclusively to C&O/Chessie but do tend to choose that road name if we can.  Some of our non C&O engines will end up getting repainted...I have already airbrushed the work crane, and a snow blower to the C&O/Chessie road names.  CSX is undoubtedly going to find it's way in our roundhouse too. 

I'll let the layout explain it the rest.  I've made "hot spots" on the picture below that will take you to close up pictures.

This is the whole layout - Click on the labels and they take you to more detailed and close up photos!

This gives a nice overhead view of the whole layout.  It's actually 6 digital photos that have been carefully edited together to make one large photo.  Thanks to my photo & WEB wizard daughter, Alycia, (aka Dragon) who did the photo editing for me on this picture and the animation of the bridge!  Periodically I'll update this photo as the layout progresses.


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