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most powerful, transformational- Advanced Services

why do I charge so much for a haunting etc see the link below

why my charge is 15 thousand dollars plus expenses click right here and see why

Many entities become "attracted" to you because they see the light of your being and are transformed or uplifted by its glow, like moths to a flame (this is a good thing). they can cause serious damages

Other entities are inextricably "connected" to you from mutually unresolved karmic debts or contracts.

You are bound to work out their issues and negative energies in this (or another) life, until cleared. if you look at the human relationships in your life, perhaps you may notice these sorts of connections acting out. The worst part is that these entities hover above or between your human and divine self (in the other dimensional planes)

blocking the pure transmission of light and wisdom to come to you direct from your own Source-God-Self.

This may be something you may be totally unawares everyone (falsely) assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves (where in actuality much comes from these entities ! ).

You have lived with these for so long, that they have become invisible to you, ...paranormal phenomena does exist.

"The best trick the devil has going for him is fooling everyone into believing he doesn't exist".

I am here for You with an Open Heart and an Open Mind. assist You through the problems that hinder You

need help with a haunting or poltergeist I can help

over 20 years of service this is for real in real life

it is not like the movies, television etc I can help you with hauntings, poltergeist please let me help

in real life it is not like movies, books, television etc

web sites and services for entertainment only sorry no charge card orders please send birth information, payment - The Paranormal Search Engine

sometimes our lives seem shadowdy it's hard to tell what's around the next corner when what is imagined probably is much scarier then what is really going on I help you take a closer look at what may be lurking in the shadows of your life I will work with you on anything to get the job done

exorcist or help with a haunting I will travel to you start price for basic $9,000 plus expenses

do you know the risk I take ?

experience and faith counts

hauntings and exorcist work is not easy not safe unless you know what I know

next 3 months not 9,000 but 2,500 plus cost like motel, food, supplys etc

ends novenmber the 25th 2002

small readings each is numerology, cards, and astrology just 15 dollars emailed free

20 regular mail ( better you get more )

bigger ones ad 10 dollars

these are not readings in general these are readings for you and no one else

pet yes get your pet a reading same cost or you and your pet for nothing extra

dreams tell you what one means 5 dollars endepth just 25 dollars

I take all the risk as a pro I know what they are

p.o. box 575 corning ar 72422

no checks unless you can wait they take up to 10 weeks to clear no charge cards there is no fancy web page here just good service Jesus drove out devils from the possessed and He bestowed this power upon His apostles and disciples.

once the influence of the devil is broken by the exorcism, all affliction ceases. just 200 per spell

expert also on vampires, werewolf etc

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ministry and exorcist johnny mcfall

I can cleanse your house to do it for you 100 dollars plus cost to come to you or tell you how to do it for 50 dollars

remember as a exorcist or as one to help in hauntings there are risk that must be taken

also expert on vampires, werewolfs, zombies