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Gishnervk Races

3rd Draft


Gishnervk Imperial Empire Members


Central Members:


Gishsvaer Central Authority (GCA)- Head of the GIE. They are the big bosses of the GIE, it’s their ships that go into combat, it’s their people that fight for them, and it’s their planets they find to help them. Practically all of the high-ranking Naval and Army Officers are Gishsvear. They do not take well to any hostile action against them, and they’ll give it back only 5 times worse.

Relation to GIE: Executive Central Member


Nation of Jua'aodh (NJ)- The Jua'aodh are a peaceful race with an economy based highly on tourism. The homeworld of the Jua'aodh race is Jua'aodhn. The planet itself is much like Earth with 65% freshwater ociens.  Jua'aodh is known throughout the quadrant for it's huge shipyards, which sprawl over both of it's moons and take up much of the space around the planet.

Relation with GIE: Central Member


Muatran Central (MC)- The Muatrans are an economically bent race looking to make a dollar wherever they can. The homeworld the of Muatrans is Mutrainis and although itself has little military facilities, it is key to trade throughout the GIE.  The world is 98% water, and the inhabitants live in cities both under water and above it.  They are a technologically advanced race, always coming out with innovations to make life easier.

Relation with GIE: Central Member

Secondary Members:


Lonad Alliance (LA)- Sort of a half member of the Empire. They have been known to be very traitorous. The Lonad were first enslaved but the Jua’aodh persuaded the Gishsvaer to let them form their own government while still being a part of the Empire. They have many farms under their control and produce much of the food for the GIE. The government has twice been caught aiding wanted people escape, and once warning a world of a coming invaison, they go through heads of state very quickly.

Relation with GIE: Half Member, although Central Authority is considering revoking all rights.


Vrok Alliance (VA)- A very peaceful race, many races think that they have a hidden agenda. They think peace before anything else. They are inferior to almost every race known, except intelligence. They all enjoy strategy, and the GIE has tried to recruit them as Strategists, a first for them, but all declined the position. The Jua'aodh have taken a great liking to them

Relation with GIE: Part of the GIE, originally for strategists, but now they stay as recommendation from the Jua'aodh.


Tretheb- A race known for well above-average intelligence.  They are a valued member race of the GIE, and have extensive research facilities.  They have a small force of starships, but only to protect their world, Trethenia.  Threthenia is a cooler planet with average temperatures ranging from -20º to 10º.  The Tretheb are an inherently peaceful race, but will answer a call to arms.

Relation to the GIE: Current Member


Penath- A rather dangerous race from the planet Mokoplis.  Their planet is made up mainly of jungle and desert, and only 30% water.  The Penath have a large armada of atmospheric fighters and ships, their core strategy revolves around carriers and escort vessels.  The Penath are also very active in the economy, boasting the second largest stock exchange in the GIE.

Relation to the GIE: Current Member

Higdifren Imperium (HI)- A race that prefers icy worlds. They are a peaceful race, be easily agitated. They are a hierarchy with one top ruler above all. They will always stay true to their word. Many races have alliances with them because they will help them even in dire circumstances. They don’t like peacekeeping that much because a third of their industry is based on making war machines.

Relation with GIE: Quasi Member of the GIE, most weapons and ships are shipping to the GIE, other races buy them too.

Non-member races


Allied Races:


Sdalnk Assembly (SA)- Serene to say the least, they have destroyed all weapons in their empire. To make sure they are not attacked, they tend to hire other empires to protect them for a price. They pick a new protector every 30 Earth Years. Their current protector is the Zinthaein Alliance.

Relation to the GIE: Former protector 43 E.Y. ago, NAP in effect.


United Confederate of Core Worlds (UCCW)- A collection of over 200 minor worlds near the core of the galaxy united under one ruler from one of the 200 worlds. They have been known to have a large navy and large economy but the fact that there are so many different races makes it hard to have an efficient government.

Relation with GIE: NAP

Neutral/No Relation Races:


Plorq Alliance (PA)- A small band of planets trying their best to become strong. Unfortunately they aren’t the best negotiators or diplomats and this has led them into many wars. Some other races help them out because of their bad luck. They have been known to abuse this privilege. One thing that makes them unique this that they have no extradition treaties with anyone. Many criminals go there to hide until they are forgotten about or the statute of limitations runs out.

Relation with GIE: None


Tch'Ickan Commonwealth (TC)- Obsessed with technology. They want to have the most advanced technology in the galaxy. They will not form any alliances with anyone. They have been known to sabotage enemy research projects.

Relation with GIE- None


Karath Empire (KA)- A race of red reptilians with powerful weapons and ships, with a highly experimental Quantum Singularity (Black hole) weapon. A bloodthirsty empire who will go to war with anyone who provokes them.

Relation with GIE: None


Bar’sha Federation (BF)- A race that favours hit-and-run strikes with any ship it will find. They prefer small ships, but they come packed with weaponry. If you get on their nice side, you’ll have a peace treaty waiting to be signed. They can be a peaceful race, they sometimes give out large tributes to large empires. It is said the tributes come from missing transports.

Relation with GIE: None


Zinthaein Alliance (ZA)- An older race. They are a peaceful race with a vast navy to defend itself. Although does not have good relations with the GIE, but there has not been a conflict with them for sometime. They are at war with the Karath at the moment. The Zinthaeins have an almost invincible immune system to diseases so they have a long life span.

Relation with GIE: None


Srenon Consortium (SC)- A secretive race. They will only attack if it serves to benefit them greatly.  Although they do not make much contact militarily or through trade, they have an armada of powerful ships defending their borders.  Most other empires do not interfere with them, as to avoid a major confrontation. They utilize cloaking devices to come out of nowhere, but it takes up supplies and can’t stay cloaked for long. At most they can stay cloaked for 5 hours without any large power system activated, like weapon systems.

Relation to GIE: Neutral


Dejeqfa Confederation (DC)- A competitive race, always striving to have the best and biggest ships. The Dejeqfa have been known to make some of the best space-frames and alloys for any vehicle. There are at the least 1,536 competitions on their home system. The income that comes from the events almost reaches the GIE’s income, but they are not organized enough to become a super power so they are not worried.

Relation to GIE: Neutral



Inhostile Races


The Juygar Pirates (JP): Pirates! Said to be in league with the Bar’sha. They are the shoot first and won’t ask questions later kind of people. They are very nomadic, going from one place to the next and they prefer to stay in groups of 10 or larger. There is a homeworld, but only the Juygar know where it is. Some groups make alliances with races while some do not. There are different factions, and it is hard to keep track of alliances and treaties.

Relation with GIE: Varies


Ra’kai Empire (RE)- Very xenophobic. All relations with other empires are always severed. Very territorial, if you take one parsec from them, they’ll take ten from you. Very fierce, but in a war, they’ll just disappear if they are losing. They tend to overwhelm the enemy by attacking them in more than 4 places at once. How they can organize with great efficiency is a mystery to all.
Relation to GIE: Severed


Hostile Races


Neero’chiok Alliance (NA)- A band of 3 races, the Aminkorie, the Vorea, and the Phrang. They are a very dangerous empire. They don’t care what happens to other being, and stay neutral in every affair, even if it will be to their advantage. The 3 banded together to fight the Frotona, a genocidal race. Right now their territory is as big as the GIEs.

Relation with GIE: War


Extinct or Unknown Races


Shagreyzngsssa or Engineers (E)- A very ancient race, now extinct. They had some of the most advanced technology ever since, there are ruins of their ships, cities, technology even weapons found on many world. How they became extinct is still a question.

Relation with GIE: Extinct

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