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Galactic Timeline
(All times expressed in Terran Years and Time System)

1st Age of Galactic Civilization
Guesses are speculative at best

~ 17,000 BC- The Engineers achieve HyperSpace

~ 12,000 - 11,000 BC- The Great Falling War (more commonly referred to as the Great War, or The Falling)

2nd Age of Galactic Civilization

~1582- The Verilk achieve HyperSpace.

1610- The Jua'aodh and Sdalnk achieve HyperSpace.

1613- The Oinaln achieve HyperSpace. The Zinthaein also achieve HyperSpace.

1614- The Bar'sha achieve HyperSpace. The Karath and Plorq also achieve HyperSpace.

1616- The Conapon and Karstin achieve HyperSpace.

1620- A crashed Bar'sha explorer ship helps the Dejeqfa achieve HyperSpace.

1623- The Gishvaer achieve HyperSpace. The Gishvaer are forced into war after they meet the Oinaln Empire. The Muatran also achieve jump flight that year.

1625- The Gishvaer meet the Jua'aodh and Zinthaeins. The Gishvaer convince the two races to aid them against the Oinaln. Once they gained the upper hand, the race was wiped out. The Dejeqfa, and Bar'sha both achieve HyperSpace.

1626- The 3 races form the Galactic Alliance. A council is made to direct the Alliance. The Zinthaeins and Jua'aodh make up the explorers and peacekeepers, while the Gishvaer, introduced into space warfare by force, take a military stand to the alliance.

1629- The Srenon achieve HyperSpace, they are the last of the older races to achieve HyperSpace until the Terrans.

1630- The Muatran join the Galactic Alliance, they are great merchants, although deadlock occurs with a two to two decisions on many items. The Galactic Alliance asks the Dejeqfa to send an unbiased representative to help the council overcome its deadlock problem until another main member is found.

1653- Due to the suspected corruption of the Galactic Alliance, the Zinthaeins break from it, the Gishvaer and the Muatran decide to declare war, without another peaceful race and the deadlock problem solved, the Jua'aodh can do nothing. The Alliance is renamed the Gishnervk Imperial Empire, adopting many new stricter standards.

1658- The emperor is killed in a major battle in Gishnervk space. Because of this, the Gishnervk pull out of all Zinthaein systems after the new emperor decides that this is enough. The emperor is promptly assassinated. The new emperor is outvoted to re-continue the war. The Muatran have lost too much money to continue funding the war.

1692- Numerous races declare war on each other in the croweded core region.

1702- The Conapon, Karstin and Plorq form the Nero'shiak Alliance.

1734- The Plorq are removed from the Nero'shiak Alliance for numerous offenses.

1812- The United Confederate of Core Worlds is formed, ending a 120-year civil war in the core.

Localized History
(All events are in the Sol System unless indicated otherwise)

2009- The International Space Station is completed.

2015- The Race to Mars starts. There are 3 major competitors, USA, China, India, and Russia.

2017- The first manned Russian Rocket to Mars is launched, but is lost after an electrical problem.

2018- China tries to launch its Rocket to Mars, but the rocket malfunctions and does not lift off. Talk of sabotage ignites. China launches strikes against Russian targets.

2019- Russia declares war on China, several other countries declare war on each other to join in. Some try to stay neutral but are incited into war. WW3 effectively starts. Countries flock to either China or Russia. Western Europe and North America stay out for now.

2020- NATO joins WW3 as its own power. UN disbands.

2022- NATO and Russia join together, later that year they break up.

2024- NATO and Russia join, this time for good, to defeat China.

2025- China surrenders.

2026- A global alliance is made, the Global Alliance is created. The Mission to Mars project starts up again, unhindered by competition, it goes along faster.

2035- Man reaches Mars.

2050- A colony on the Moon begins to be built.

2072- A colony on Mars begins to be built.

2101- Citizens of Mars attempt to rebel but is subdued after some fighting.

2104- People in Mars City rebel and over take the Martian government. The Martian War starts.

2112- The Martian War ends.

2113 - 2250- Earth starts to colonize the rest of the solar system.

2250- The Terran InterGalactic Propulsion Research Alliance, or TIGPRA is formed.

2264- The first successful HyperSpace jump for the Terrans.