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These are the main dominant races this region of the galaxy. The races are split into 4 main groups. The older races that came first, then the younger races that are emerging now, isolated races that are far away but known, and other races where they cannot fit.

Older Races

Gishnervk Imperial Empire - (GIE)
Official Colour: Dark Gray Emblem:
Society: Expansionist/Militaristic Main Races: Gishvaer, Jua'aodh, Muatran
Appearance: To be finalized
Brief Description: Remnant of the old Galactic Alliance. After the Zinthaeins left the GA, under new leadership, became the Gishnervk Imperial Empire. They are very aggressive and very territorial. They have a very vast armada of ships, boasting more than one for every planet. The GIE generally has no alliance with anyone and only join wars that they create. Their economy is quite strong, with the highest population of any of the empires, and basically an Gishnervk-only market. Most races that have joined have either been from the Galactic Alliance as lesser members, or been "added" to the empire.
Ship Description: To Be Finalized. Fast, lighter armour, but stronger shields. Heavy laser cannons are used with a strong complement of missiles on each ship.

Zinthaein Alliance of Systems - (ZA)
Official Colour: Light Blue Emblem: O
Society: Scientists/Explorers Main Race: Zinthaein
Appearance: Tall, thin blue skinned bipeds with white hair. Different Zinthaeins have different shades of blue skin, but their eye colour is all the same. They have the unique ability to breathe two different atmospheres, Methane and Oxygen.
Brief Description: An older race that broke away from the GA almost 400 years ago. After the GIE stopped attacking them they dedicated themselves to scientific pursuits and to economic expansion. They are friendly people and their loyalty to their friends is legendary. The ZA always welcomes any alliances but when provoked, will attack quite hard. They are the GIE's rival when it comes to anything. Fleets, economy, you name it. The Zinthaeins lead a whole assortment of different groups for smaller races to join and contribute. Although they may sound perfect, they can be quite controlling.
Ship Description: Long, thinner, with a semi-round top, large engines. Fast with tough armour but weaker shields. Equipped with gattling lasers, and hardened crystal projectiles. Most ships have large fighter complements.

Verinlk Realm - (VR)
Official Colour: Blue/Purple Emblem: TBD
Society: Warrior/Isolationist Main Race: Verinal
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: An ancient race, they were the first ones to achieve jump flight in the Second Age. They have only concerned themselves with their own affairs. It does not take much to provoke them, and they come at you with great force. Most things about this race are sketchy at best, but it is known they do have a powerful military and are quite anti-social.
Ship Description: To Be Decided. They use a deadly heavy sustained laser to make quick work of almost any ship. (Think really-really-really big phaser)

Federation of Bar'sha, or Bar'sha Federation (BF)
Official Colour: Green/Brown Emblem: TBD
Society: Manufacturers/Traders Main Race: Bar'sha,
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: All the states are united as one, but are fairly independent. All states have their own boasting factor, such as shipyards or mining, this makes it easy to ship products or set up shop. Bar'shoins are known to have extensive missile technology, using them for almost anything. (As a real world example, think of the EU)
Ship Description: Distinctive pale green hammerhead front, and a boxy body. On some ships, the hammerhead disconnects and fights as another ship. Incredible armour in the front, slower engines. A common tactic is to ram the opponent ship and cause massive damage. This causes no or litte damage to the ramming ship. They use shorter-range missiles and cluster missiles and they usually have a large complement of disrupter cannons.

Neero'chiok Alliance or Nero'shiak Alliance - (NA)
Official Colour: Dark Green Emblem: TBD
Society: Unknown (TBD) Main Race: Conapon, Karstin
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: An alliance made up of two races. Rarely heard of, they are separated from most races by the GIE. The only other neighbour they have is the Plorq Alliance. They live in relative peace, there isn't much there. The war with the GIE was started because of the land grab into unclaimed systems. The GIE went the other way, but declared war anyway. Knowledge is still limited on this race.
Ship Description: Green and grey large ships, distinctive inverted triangle shapes on all the ships. No real weaknesses in the ships except their large size make them larger targets. Arrays of laser batteries and turret torpedo launchers make up a standard weapon complement.

United Confederate of Core Worlds - (UCCW)
Official Colour: White Emblem: TBD
Society: TBD Main Race: Very Diverse
Appearance: Varies Greatly
Brief Description: Within what is called the core, is a densely packed group of systems with many different races. To control the entire region would be hard, so 70 races came together and made the UCCW. Since then, just about all of the 100+ races have joined. Distance between the systems is short, and the night skies are rarely very dark, so most do not like dark. Economy is fairly strong, although can be hindered with political differences in the UCCW Assembly.
Ship Description: Varies very much. Popular designs are saucer shaped, or delta shaped. They also are known to buy larger ships from other races.

Karath Empire - (KE)
Official Colour: Red Emblem: TBD
Society: Warrior Main Race: Karath
Appearance: Think red carnivorous dinosaurs, only smaller.
Brief Description: The bullies of the Main Cluster. They will pressure weaker races into doing things for them. If they don't go along with this, the Karath declare war and "straighten" them out. Within the Karath society there is no real code of honour, this causes the Karath to be very deceptive and will go to no lengths to murder millions. They are not keen on alliances and trading with other races is rarely done.
Ship Description: Smaller dark grey or even black atmospheric capable ships with wings that slope down that contain weapon modules. Very manoeuvrable and fast, very powerful front weapons arc, but very poor on the other directions. Powerful pulse disrupters, and torpedoes, with capacitors and hot torpedoes ready to fire without charging weapons systems. Major weakness is a very poor point-defence system.

Dejeqfa Confederation - (DC)
Official Colour: Teal Emblem: TBD
Society: Entertainment Main Race: Dejeq
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: You need entertainment? Here's the place to be! They were once like all the other empires, expanding, starting wars. But one president had an idea, why not make the entire Dejeqfa place a tourism zone? Well, it worked. Any system has at least one large event going on, and the income that comes from all of this is huge. They like to open up any trade with other races, it increases their tourism too.
Ship Description: The military craft are older ships, mainly bought from other races. But the craft they produce for selling and racing are very sleek and aerodynamic. The design of these craft are influenced from all over the Main Cluster. They also make completely custom craft, as per your design.

Sdalnk Assembly - (SA)
Official Colour: Yellow Emblem: TBD
Society: Peaceful Main Race: Sdalni
Appearance: Something yellow-ish?
Brief Description: A species that has seen the horrors of warfare, they were once caught in the crossfire of the Oinaln's large genocidal wrath. Once the Gishvaer had defeated the Oinaln, the Sdalnk decided to try to become a peaceful race and see if others followed them. Other agreed that peace is good, but destroying all forms of defending is idiotic. So the Sdalnk hire a race to protect them for a period of time. Sdalnk have made a name for themselves in shipping and vacation cruises to exotic locations.
Ship Description: Yellow, cylinder shaped ships. They are traditionally fast, and manoeuvrable with strong shielding. Sdalnk ships do not have weaponry, they have destroyed all forms of weapons that they would use. Most ships are transports or cruise ships.

Srenon Consortium - (SC)
Official Colour: Dark Red Emblem: TBD
Society: Xenophobic Main Race: Srenon
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: Originally a rebel group that held a xenophobic view to the galaxy. The rebel group came to power after the Srenon President was found out to be dealing with the Karath. Needless to say, the majority of Srenon now share the xenophobic views, but there is still much hostility within the Consortium, teetering on the edge of civil war every day. Contact is limited and they prefer to keep races far away from them. They are also known to send out "Wandering Fleets" into others space to keep up an aura of aggressiveness.
Ship Description: "Hot-dog" ships. The body is cylinder-like, and around it are many solar panels. Fixed weapons, sustained laser cannons and small drones, are put on the front and rear where solar panels do not obscure the arc. Around the ships on the solar panels are turrets, to use the otherwise wasted space. The solar panels are built thick so it acts as armour, and armour on the main vessel is also quite strong. Engine, weapon and shields depend on how close they are to a light source, It is common for Srenon to retreat near a star, and then win the battle because of increased power.

Isolated Races

Ra'kai Galactic Commonwealth - (RGC)
Official Colour: Grey Emblem: TBD
Society: Unknown (TBD) Main Race: Ra'kai
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: The only race that knows of the Great Falling War. Back then they were called the Ral'kan, key allies to fight off the hordes of the mysterious enemy invading. But they became victims of the enemy and had to start off from the Stone Age. Unlike many other races, they preserved the story as much as they could. Not much else is known about them besides they can be quite aggressive.
Ship Description: TBD

Tch'Acken Confederation - (TC)
Official Colour: Cyan Emblem: TBD
Society: Unknown (TBD) Main Race: Tch'Acken
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: A race that always strives to have the best technology and knowledge of the galaxy. So much that they attempt to sabotage others research and steal data to know everything. The only other thing that is known is that the Ra'kai are the only race near the Tck'Acken.
Ship Description: Large half-saucer at the back, and a smooth thinner front. Branches protrude from various parts of the ship. Shields and armour are quite up to par, speed is slower and less manoeuvrable. Main weapons include laser banks and cluster missile launchers, larger ships are equipped with a Bio-Electric Disruptor Pulse, which circles around the host ship until it is let go and fired.

Younger Races:

Terran Alliance - (TA)
Official Colour: Light Grey Emblem: TBD
Society: Traders Main Race: Terran (Human)
Appearance: Look in a mirror.
Brief Description: The most powerful of the younger races. They can be quite aggressive and stubborn, but they can be friendly also at times. They are highly adaptive to any situation and are extremely resourceful. This has caused the Terran Alliance to grow quickly and rival some of the other powers. Although technologically weak, their resourcefulness can make them win battles from the brink of defeat.
Ship Description: To be finalized. Something that resembles the NASA designs, perhaps.

Talnshar Imperium - (TI)
Official Colour: Brown Emblem: TBD
Society: Warriors Main Race: Talshari
Appearance: TBD
Brief Description: They are the Karath of the younger races. The most aggressive of the younger races. They have constantly fought with other races, trying to seek a means to declare war. Most of their economy is built on warfare and quite a large black market of weapons and other banned goods have been known to be in great numbers. The Talshar are always suspicious of any one, even their own people, their policing force usually operates above the law.
Ship Description: Small quick ships meant to overwhelm larger ships. Larger than fighters but smaller than larger capital ships. Large carriers house the small fighter-like ships. Larger cruisers are sometimes used but are used for defence. The attack ships use pulse cannons and sometimes fighter sized missiles. The larger ships use gattling lasers and capital ship missiles bought from the GIE.

Aevrian Dominion - (AD)
Official Colour: Blue/Grey Emblem: TBD
Society: Monarchy/Imperialist Main Race: Aevrian
Appearance: Bird-like, they have wings. More to come.
Brief Description: One of the few contingents that broke away from the GIE during the Revolution Crisis. Although they have been in the 'Galactic Arena' before, they are considered a younger race because they only gained power later. An old style of government in the space age. Throughout the ages, the monarchy still survives. There have been hundreds of kings and the bloodline has been broken three times in the entire history, the most recent being during the GIE reign of their space. Their Home-World is mostly ocean and their wings help them go from island to island. There aren't many places to launch ships, so they've found ways to launch them from water with great results.
Ship Description: Blue ships that look like some sort of submarine. No coincidence on that part, smaller Aevrian ships can go into the atmosphere of a planet and actually submerge. The ships can withstand incredible pressure and can go into gas giants to hide. In space, primary weapons are gattling lasers and cluster missiles, if there is a substance that can transmit sound, Aevrian ships can launch sonic pulses, so nebulas are another favourite hiding place.


Free Space - (FS)
Official Colour: N/A Emblem: TBD
Society: Varies Main Race: Varies
Appearance: Varies
Brief Description: Also called the Free Regions. After the Colony Rush, strings of backwater systems were created when the governments began to ignore them. To this, the Dejeqfa recommended that each of the younger races contribute a small portion of their space to create a larger space. And so Free Space was born. There are special exemptions and restrictions laid on people living in the FS and there are a number of prisons in there also. However, a series of wars broke out because of territorial dispute within the space. The Mer'ksan War was created from this, and the war has involved almost every younger race.
Ship Description: Varies, according to Free Space law, no ships with unauthorised weapons may enter Free Space. The region is policed by the Zinthaeins.

Engineers - (E)
Official Colour: Yellow? Emblem: TBD
Society: Research/Exploration/Engineering Main Race: "The Engineers"
Appearance: Unknown
Brief Description: An entire civilization built on constructing things bigger and better. There is very little known about this race, as they are thought to be extinct. All that the GIE can learn is that they had very advanced technology.
Ship Description: Unknown

The Enemy or The Swarms
Official Colour: Red/Black/Dark Grey? Emblem: TBD
Society: Genocidal Main Race: Unknown
Appearance: Unknown
Brief Description: Said to have wiped out the Engineers from long ago. It is said they came from another galaxy and came to expand into this galaxy. It is unknown if they are still in the galaxy.
Ship Description: Unknown