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Week of April 21,2002

Well, we brought Noah to his Therapist on Thursday the 18th. She feels he is more Asperger's than Add/Adhd. I don't know how to feel about that but ...hey we gotta take the punches from time to time.

So now we have an appoinment with his Peditrician on Friday the 26th. (There is no school this day. While there we need a referral to get Noah a MRI,EEG and some blood work for the Fracture X Chromosone,Thyroid and a Mercury level.

There has been studies that have linked Vaccines containing Thimerosal to Autism.I have a list of them and while studying Noah's records we found that his first intial Vaccine ever given was on the list. It was his Hep B Vaccine and recieved it 2 other times. The other names were undectectable for me and I will need a professional to explain them .

So now there is a Class Action suit against the company involved. I submitted Noah's history and was contacted and told I had a Submittible Complaint.

I have decided not to return to work at this point...unless neccesary.I have found that there are programs that will help with Noah and I am going to go that route for a while.

He was placed on 5 mg's of Ritilan and started this today . I have to split them so it is a 2.5 mg dose 2x's a day. I am not too keen on the idea but the dr insists that it will keep him from being figity.

Hey...I went to the thrift store today and bought a computer. Good enough for Noah to work on. I put in right next to ours so I can work on the pc while he paints or works on his Software. He is already saying "MY COMPUTER" So I guess it's off limits for us.

It' a Packard Bell and runs on 95 windows. If I can upgrade it I probably will. But most of his cd-roms run on both. It was only 150.00 .

So I just spent most of the night cleaning the hard drive and rebooting it. I have only one concern and if after all the reboot it doesn't fix itself I will call Packard Bell . That is my speakers work when play a c.d. but when I put in Noah's software I get no sound .. Strange...

Glen has gone away for a Cabincon. It's where the guys get together. They eat much junk and drink beer < not Glen > eat Summer sausage and make awful noises along with terrible stenches... Oh and the play games .. Yippie!!!

WHOHOO!!!!I have sound.... which means I got a great buy !!! Noah will be thrilled in the morning :)

Well,I will try to keep in touch. The next two weeks are kinda hectic. Glen will be out looking for work. Noah has Dr's appointment. And I am sure there will be many to follow. I have to get two teeth pulled and call a Ankle/Foot specialist on Monday. My foot has finally had it. Evertime I step on uneven ground it burns like a b***h. Getting to the point where I can't stand on it for a while either ... That bytes .. I need my feet ..

Anyone have any comments please feel free to click feedback on the bottom and it comes right to me ..

Melanie :)

Noah the little daredevil .. I can tell you he did not inherit my fear of heights!!!

Getting higher up

We saw Deer Tracks while hiking in the park

Dad and Noah on te bridge

Mom and Noah on bridge

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