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Noah in my eyes..

We have had many Good Days and many Bad Days with Noah.

I can tell you honestly he tries our patience all the time.

Most parents will brag and tell you that their child is a natural born genius.That they could do no wrong. Some actually started writing at 1 1/2 years of age.We should call Ripley's Believe It Or Not!!

I will honestly tell you that Noah is Noah and he may look like someone else (genetics)...but he will always be Noah. That brings my memory back to the Hospital room the day I had him. His "Sperm donors" Mother had asked the question to her family."Who does he most resemble?" Of course someone said one of the other Grandchildren ...I piped right up and declared that Noah looked like Noah and nobody else.

Which brings me back to the Genius topic. He is not a genius. He is however a very brite little boy who knows how to minipulate to get what he wants.

He knows his Alphabet and most Numbers up to 20.

If there is a song that he likes he learns it after a while.

He knows how to get into trouble...but what kid doesn't?

BUT WE LOVE HIM!!! Just the way he is.

He would love to learn how to write his name but, he has a "pincher grasp" that needs to be broken.Until then we both hold the pencil.

If he had his own computer he would probably be on it all the time. We have plenty of software for him to work on.Painting,however, seems to be his favorite.

Books...books...and more books. If we would let him pick out as many books that he would want .. He would fill a carrige.Thankfully, I live by a thrift store and the books are only 20 cents for softcovers and 50 cents for hardcovers.

Last month in school he had a Read Out Loud Program.We managed to read about 28 books to him.He came home with a book and a certificate form Pizza Hut ..He was the 2nd one in his class.

This month we are hoping to top that goal.

Noah is not a Toy lover. He would rather his Videos and Books. Which is fine. If you saw his room you would think it belonged to a 7 or 8 year old.Not a 3 year old.

So right now we are planning our Summer. We would like to see if there is a Summer Camp for children with his needs.If we can find one maybe we will send him for a week.

Right now I am looking forward to my parent's visit. Noah has grown so much and they will probably not recognize him ..

get this gear!

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