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Hi there !!!! You have stumbled across my page.

Please listen to:

Carlin on Religion before going any further...We all need a laugh and some a reality check :)

Thank You...Melanie :)

Carlin on Religion

This has been quite and experience. It has been along time since I actually built a page and not to mention one with this many pages.

Noah is getting bigger and with all of the research I have done I thought it would only be right to share it among my Family and Friends .. both online and not so online...:)


So...for those of you who don't know me.

I am 31 years old. Somedays I feel it and some days I don't act it.

I moved to Illinois over 2 years ago after meeting my "man" on ICQ.

Originally I am from Massachusetts...Yes the little thumprint of a state on the map of the country.

We have very beautiful coasts back home. I miss Hampton Beach in particular. Everyone tells me there are beaches around here...I am still waiting to see them !

I have a 3 year old son...Noah . Who you would have had to read about in order to get to this page.

He pretty much keeps me busy.

When I am not busy (yeah right!)with Noah I am usually on the computer. Surfing the web in search of Medical information as well as Links to Children Academics online.

I am a member to some Yahoo egroups.That usually keeps my yahoo account full. I will add links to the groups on the appropiate pages.

Other than surfing the web.You might find me working on a craft project. These days however I have only been able to work on wreaths and door hangings. (I have the only decorated door on our floor of our Condo Complex).

I try to get some reading in...but I should do what Glen does and that is spend a half an hour in the bathroom reading...haha

I have been trying "to find myself" these days. Trying to seperate motherhood from insanity.

I have thought about "meditation",however to get 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to ones self is way to hard these days...So it's Chamomile Tea and lots of "Oh my Goddesses" around here!

I have studied some into the "Wiccan" culture.Which I have found stimulating and I am eager to continue my readings.

I have a link below on "Wicca". (And NO THEY DON'T WORSHIP THE DEVIL OR BELIEVE IN SATAN)read the information I placed on the page.

On Fridays we have Glen's game group...His link is below and he has informative information on "Gaming" linked to his page. You can also get there from here.

Look Below

Right now I am just starting my page. You will find alot of links here. I love to surf as I said above.

On my main page to get here were many links on Autism and Adhd. Children links and our other pages.

On my page and Glen's page you will find links for Educational Websites. Places for some free items and some Wiccan sites.

I would also like to upload my Pattern Folder and make it accesible for anyone to download.

I also have educational files as well.

So as you can see I am still under Construction on this part of the webpage.

But here are some links to get you started.


Melanie <3

Educational Links

Saxon Educational . Free lesson plans and Early Education site

Enchanted Learning:This site has great cirriculam based projects!

Adopt a Turtle

Kid's Astronomy

Great page to learn all about time...Even where the Days of the Week were orientated from.

My Wiccan Links
These are great for Wiccan and Non-Wiccan believers.

My Belief Hobby

This site has some great images as well as some informative information

This site has some really good Projects and Recipes.It is also informative about the Wiccan beliefs and the Holidays ....The Year Wheel

Aura Colors and Magick Gem Stones and their Meanings

Glen's Homepage


Alien Links

get this gear!

Please..identify which page you are leaving feedback on. Thank you :)

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You don't draw attention to yourself much, preferring to keep your cool and stay in the background