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Aliens....Reality or ???

I had given the low down on my present life from my main page.
I am 31 and a mother of a wonderful little boy and I have a wonderful man in my life who is veryunderstanding.( Although I still think he's part Alien !)

Speaking of Aliens...Glen and I spend what free time we have watching movies. We just watched "Fire in the Sky" excellent movie. And it is based on a true story.

If I am not mistaken my mother had told me that my Grandfather saw a "UFO".Course no one believed him. He was quite "excentric".
Course nobobody really knows if Extraterestial Life exsist.And if someone (big wig) does know they aren't talking.
Below are some links.

Alien Links

Alien World

Kidnapped:By Aliens

Alien Abduction Survey...Have you been abducted ??

Melanie's Homepage

Glen's Homepage

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