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Glen's Homepage.

What can I say?

The G.M.

I'm a gamer.

I started gaming when I was in the fifth grade, and now I am 31 and am still doing it.

How many other hobbies can grow with you like that?

For the most part,I run Rolemaster and Spacemaster the excellent skill based RPG systems that I have been playing since I was a freshman in HS.

I also run Dark Conspiracy, the roleplaying game of the dark future where everything in the Weekly World News is true. Classic stuff.

The assistant G.M.

Elsa's Favorite Quote??? MEOW!!!!

Right now, I am running Rolemaster and my players include:

Jamie: The veteren of the group. Hes been gaming with me for about 8 years. I taught him everything he knows about real roleplaying (he was stuck in Monty Hall Gaming Hell before then), but I haven't taught him everything I know (wink, wink). He knows the system about as well as I do now, and serves as the groups leader for the most part.

His Quote: "This is going to be bad."

Eric: He is fairly new to the group, with about 2 months under his belt. He has a natural gift of gab, which makes him a natural for gaming as well. Eric is the group jester, the group killing machine, and the group political commentator all in one. (Yeah, hes pretty much schizophrenic, like thats a BAD thing.)

His Quote: "This man is an evil genius."

Tim: He has been here long enough to get "his feet wet".Therefore he is offically one of us...

His Quote however is...and he is the one who says it "Don't Blame the Black man!"

Spacemaster :A Roleplaying Game

You Know if you are a Gamer if...

get this gear!

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Melanie's Homepage

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