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Darthleon's World

Custom Figures
Sneek Peek for next Week
Started work on my "Stinkor" figure. Posted a new sneek peek. Continued working on commisioned figure. Started work on "Leech" figure. Stinkor will be done by next week and with any luck Leech will come shortly after. End


I started work on a commissioned figure for Wilee4 yesterday. It is a custom created character for a comic he is creating. The Peekablue figure is coming along, I have the chest pretty much done. The sculpting from scratch is a challenge but it gives me more room to make her different than the other motu females. I will post a sneek peek today. End of day.


Custom Mossman was put onto forums. I will try to get more Mossman pictures up on the website soon. Finished Grizzlor custom yesterday. Will post Grizzlor on Forums next Sunday. Started Work today on Custom Peekablue figure(for my wife). I'm going to start on another MOTU figure this week but haven't decided which one yet. The Peekablue figure is going to be done completely from scratch, no base figure. I just want to see If I can do it, that and the female figures are way to expensive. End of day.