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Sailor Moon Kingdom

November 8, 2002-Ok Ok Ok Ok OK! I haven't updated for a while. Not a big update however. I updated the Royal Family section, but it still needs work. I also created and Update archive section. enjoy! With school, homework, Marching band and Football games, every week is always busy. I'll be glad when football season is over.

October 29, 2002-It's been some time since I last updated. Ah well. I added some images to Sailor Moon's bio. I also added the bio of Sailor saturn. There's also a small bio about Sailor Cosmos and a bio on Tuxedo Mask. More is coming later! Enjoy anyways!

October 25, 2002-Updated bios on Sailor Star Fighter, Star Healer, Star Maker, Chibi chibi, and Princess Kakyuu. More is coming later! Also, I put up a new Sailor Pluto pic! Enjoy!

October 24, 2002-Updated bios on Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the rest of Chibimoon's. Something is retarted with the Sailor Pluto pic I have up, But I'll fix it later.

October 22, 2002-Updated bios on Sailor Venus and Sailor Chibi Moon. The site's progress is coming along steadily!

October 21, 2002-Updates bios on Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. More is coming soon!

October20, 2002-Updated Sailor Moon's bio and added images! Updated Sailor Mercury's bio and added some images. I'll have more up later!

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