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Henri Ibert was vacationing in San Francisco. Ringling Bros. Circus was in town, so, he bought a ticket to see it.

Trapeze, tigers, elephants, yawn, yawn, yawn, thought Hi as he watched each act. Finally, the contortionist. It was Sapo, a good-looking dark-skinned young man. Sapo pulled a few maneuvers. Backbends, feet touching head, frontbends, and one which interested Hi: kneeling on his knees, Sapo twisted himself from front to back and grabbed his feet, kind of like a corkscrew. He was gritting his teeth.

"Looks like hard work," mumbled Hi aloud.

"Aah, I can do that," said a sandy-haired young man beside him, frowning towards the stage.

Hi looked at this young man, and instantly knew exactly who it was but didn't let on.

"Oh?" said Hi. "Are you a contortionist, too?"

"Uh-huh," the young man said.

"How interesting," said Hi. "So am I."

But Hi only smiled and they continued to watch the show. Sapo did one final trick: following in the footsteps of Rudy Del Monte--first, a handstand, then chomping down on a raised bit, then with a graceful bend of the back, folding over onto oneself so the butt is touching the top of the head. Amazing. The crowd went wild with applause.

At the end of the show, Hi extended a hand to the young man beside him and said, "I am Henri Ibert. I am visiting from Montreal. What is your name?"

"Dave. Dave LaForge." And he shook Hi's hand warmly.

David Emerson LaForge was in reality an internationally known contortionist based in San Francisco. Not only was he one of the most interesting and popular artists in the genre, but one of the most good-looking. At twenty-one, his slim face and big innocent blue eyes made him look like a dreamy teenager. Hi was very attracted.

"Can I buy you a drink, Dave?" said Hi.

"Sure, I've nothing else to do."

They went to a pub of Dave's liking and Hi made certain Dave drank plenty. When Hi could see Dave was QUITE mellow, he said, "Would it be too much to ask if I stopped by your place? Being a contortionist myself, I'm curious to know what YOU can do."

"You've never heard of me?"

", not really."

"Well then, come on. I bet I can do more than you."

"How much?"

But Dave only smiled. "You bought me drinks. If you impress me, I'll buy you pizza. How long are you here for?"

"Only one more day, unfortunately."

Dave got up to go and Hi followed. Dave shambled along, very much on automatic pilot. They took a bus that stopped near Dave's apartment then walked to it.

The apartment was a small one-bedroom, looking more like a cluttered dorm room than the dwelling of an increasingly popular entertainer.

Dave closed the door then slumped into an easy chair.

"Oh, but please, do go first," said Hi.

Dave pulled off his loose sweatshirt, revealing a beautiful smooth chest and pecs, more like a gymnast than a bodybuilder. Hi only swallowed.

Dave did everything that Sapo did, including the butt on the head trick. In fact, it was all like second nature. Dave looked positively bored. But maybe he was just tired from the beer.

"Now me," said Hi. And Dave slumped into his easy chair, looking more and more drowsy.

Hi took off his shirt, revealing more muscular pecs and abs than Dave, and broader shoulders. He leaned down on his knees and pulled the corkscrew twist maneuver, grabbing his feet, then smiling at Dave.

"Not bad," mumbled Dave, nodding.

"I think I can do a bit more," said Hi. Then without any effort at all, he twisted his whole torso around another 360 degrees, grabbing his feet again.

Dave's eyes were instantly huge as dinner plates and he bolted up from the chair.

"T...that's impossible," whispered Dave. "Impossible."

"No, Dah-veed", said Hi softly, "THIS is impossible."

And he untwisted himself and without a thought stood up, wriggled a bit, his pants, socks, and shoes falling away, and with only a step from Dave he approached and wrapped his elastic legs around Dave's legs, his ever-lengthening torso around Dave's body, then his arms around Dave's arms, then with neck slightly elongated, he looked at Dave square in the face then kissed him quickly on the lips.

Dave, now fully awake, was shaking. He couldn't get words out at first, just looking at Hi's elastic body wrapped completely around him like a multi-limbed snake.

"" whispered Dave.

"Un mystère redécouvri," whispered Hi.

"What does that mean?" said Dave.

"A mystery rediscovered," said Hi softly. "I discovered an alchemical text which had a formula for bodily transformation. I took some tonight. It has only a temporary effect. Are you offended?"

Dave only shook his head slowly. "No. Just...dumbfounded." Then, he smiled. "F*ck, it must be WILD!"

Hi only nodded. Then inched slowly closer and closer to Dave's face.

Then kissed him on the lips.

Dave did not brush him off, so Hi kissed him again, a little longer, a little deeper. Dave did not kiss back, but simply accepted the kisses. As Hi kept kissing Dave more, his hands stretched down and slowly undid Dave's cargoes and Hi's legs slowly wormed them down lower to the floor. Then Dave's briefs. Hi was careful not to pull too hard, easing the briefs over Dave's rock-hard erection, then letting them fall to the floor. Hi began licking Dave with a tongue that could stretch all over Dave's face. Dave was breathing hard, helplessly excited, but remained passive, allowing what Hi would do to him. Dave knew that with Hi's abilities, it would be pointless to struggle. Hi would do whatever the hell he wanted, so why try to stop him.

Hi moulded his whole jaw around Dave's then eased his tongue into Dave's mouth. What commenced was the most powerful frenching Dave ever had and the latter was helpless with ecstasy.

Hi stopped and his jaw returned to normal. Then he stretched his neck down and inspected Dave's rock-hard erection.

Dave looked worried. And Hi looked up at Dave's face.

"I won't hurt you, Dah-veed. I swear," said Hi softly.

"Do whatever you want," said Dave in hardly more than a whisper. "But...I've never been f*cked or rimmed...and...I'd rather not anyone...."

Hi only nodded, then stretched his neck behind Dave to look squarely at the latter's bubble butt. Hi began to lick it with a tongue of constantly varying length, then he would suck Dave's ass with powerful strength, making Dave groan with pleasure. Hi was mindful however to obey Dave's wish and did not once touch the latter's hole with his tongue.

Then, Hi's elongated neck stretched around and he took Dave's erection in his mouth and began sucking with undulating motions, Hi's head constantly distorting and stretching like rubber to feel Dave's penis more and more a part of his own mouth. Looking at Hi, Dave could not understand how...but finally he didn't care. He'd never had head like this before in his life!

Dave could feel it. "I'm cumming!" he whispered aloud.

Hi only sucked harder, pulling Dave's dick harder and harder like a vaccuum pump.

Dave groaned out loud with pleasure then heaved quietly as his cum burst with wild spasms into Hi's mouth.

Hi removed his mouth, swallowed quickly, then felt Dave beginning to collapse. Instantly, Hi uncoiled himself but did not retract his limbs. Instead, he simply allowed his elongated limbs to fall loose to the floor and Dave fell to his knees then on top of Hi's spaghetti-like mass of limbs.

Dave was now totally exhausted. Even if Hi robbed him or killed him, he was physically without strength and helpless.

Hi only stretched his neck around to look Dave right into the face.

"My poor, bee-uuu-tiful Dah-veed," said Hi softly. "How can you forgive me?"

And Dave only blinked at Hi. "Why?" he said, "what's wrong?"

"How can you forgive me, being forced to undergo unspeakable acts from a sex-crazed homosexual maniac like me, and a foreigner--from CANADA, no less?"

Looking at Hi's pathetic pouting face, Dave could only break into a wide boyish grin and said, "You didn't hear me complaining, did you?"

"No," said Hi softly and he stretched his right hand around to caress Dave's short sandy blonde hair.

After a few caresses and soft kisses, Hi retracted himself fully then gently lifted Dave off the floor and carried him to his bed. He laid Dave down slowly and turned to go.

"Wait," said Dave softly. And Hi looked back.

"Won't you tell me more about this...formula?" said Dave.

And Hi jumped onto Dave's double bed beside him, and Hi told Dave about discovering the old Grimorum and his experiences with GG and Elizabeth Morris. He had not been stupid and blabbed his discovery to just anyone, certainly not the press.

"Please," said Hi. "Don't tell the public. Perhaps someday I will reveal everything, but I know the publicity would actually be hard on me."

"On one condition."


"That you give the formula to me too."

Hi turned, worried himself now. What had he done?

"I won't tell anyone, I swear," said Dave. "But...can the transformation happen to anyone?"

Hi frowned. "I used diluted formula on GG once, with...unusual results. GG tried it one other time later at full strength and was elastic just me like me. But no. I never thought that it would NOT work for someone. Perhaps our genetic structure is...lucky. Maybe it WOULDN'T work for you. In fact, it might be dangerous."

"I don't care. I have to try."

Hi nodded, then got up to go.

"And where are you going?" said Dave.

"I never asked if you were gay or straight. Even a straight guy can get sexual pleasure. I...had better go."

"Henri," said Dave.

And Hi looked at him.

"I never said I was straight," said Dave. "I'm bi." And he patted the bed beside him.

And Hi stretched and shook vigorously with rubbery glee, looking utterly boneless, then stretched instantly onto Dave's bed and wrapped himself thoroughly around Dave's lithe body. The fun only began then.


The next morning when Dave woke up, he was disappointed to see Hi gone but discovered a note beside the phone. On it were the ingredients and steps necessary to make the elastic formula. "Under no circumstances is this formula to be diluted as dilution produces temporary but frightening consequences. When you give the formula to Sapo at the next International Contortionists Convention, swear him to secrecy and the dilution prohibition as well. By the way, you owe me pizza. A bientôt. When next we meet. Love, Hi." And there was a huge X at the bottom. In brackets beside it, Hi wrote, "One long elastic french kiss just for you!" Only Dave could understand the full implications. And he laughed.

The Holy Insurgent of Uncertainty