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The Angel Arms

- a ship in the game To Boldly Go

Hail me at

If the Angel Arms is paired with a larger ship, I will always hail, as swiftly as possible. Unless, of course, Real Life has decided to kick me...
If you do not hail me when you are smaller than me (excepting newbies), or reply to my hail if you are larger, I will assume hostile intent. If Attacking Regardless is my best chance of winning a combat with an uncommunicative ship, then I will Attack Regardless. If my vessel is Doomed Regardless, find me if you can...

The Galaxy should be a dangerous place. For all I know, any uncommunicative vessel could be about to remind me of that...

In the case of larger vessels that I hail first, or any vessel that hails me first, I will inform you if I intend to make the Galaxy risky for you this turn. Considering my vessel, it's unlikely. Kindly do the same for me if you intend to make my life 'exciting'.

What am I up to?

The Angel Arms started at Capella on Turn 946, the captain at the helm having no previous experience. Whilst there were problems, I claim to be a captain who has a learning curve. I am currently Chosen of the Merciful One.

I am generally more than willing to plot, share information, discuss trade intentions, module swaps, and so forth. If you were wondering:
No, I'm not going to: Influence that Homeworld, and probably not that colony;
Harvest the asteroids or chocolate;
Buy that Primitive, Basic, or Mediocre module;
Hunt that criminal.
I may well be: Selling that trade good or going on that adventure...