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First Post-
First up, just finished watching Mutant X, episode 209 - Body and Soul. Anyone else think Brennan seemed a bit more than jealous? Mark is Christopher from Gilmore Girls but maybe only i noticed that. I think i like John Shea better as Lex Luther. We all know Shalimar and Brennan want to jump eachother. At the end he tried to redeem himself by saying he was sorry, that was just to get on her good side. He didn't really mean it. Oh, the reporter was played by the chick who played Street on Earth: Final Conflict. Honestly, the show needs a little help on the acting and they need to find better 'extra's'. The girl with the cheese doodles annoyed me. And that bag lasted through three people. Nobody can eat the many cheese doodles. It's just not right.

I watched Jason X last night and lets pray that they don't make another one. First off, I love Lexa Doig. I love Lisa Ryder too. BUT, the movie rehashed the basics of Andromeda. On the show, Lexa plays Andromeda or, Rommie, the ships AI in the form of a robot. Lisa Ryder plays Beka Valentine, co-captain of the Andromeda and slip stream piloter. In Jason X, Lexa was the human and Lisa was the robot. Lexa had been frozen for over 400 years, similar to Andromeda's captain, Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo). He had been frozen for 300 years. What happened to originality?

Hey in the episode of Smallville where Lex was going to marry that girl, isn't she the same girl who played Lorna on Mutant X? If that's the case, she played the same type of character on both shows. That's not cool.

January 20th, 2003-
Hey, finally have something else to say. We'll start with Mutant X. The ep, Understudy, COMPLETE BREN/SHAL. NO we didn't like Nikki, not only did she overact a bit, she tried to take Shalimar's place. Lets not, I mean, Shalimar did win over her when chosing a member for Mutant X. I would have written the ep a little differently. There would be overt competition over Brennan. And at the end, when they ran in to save Shalimar, (like she needed the help) Brennan went right to her side, arm around her and everything. I was bouncing off the walls. Jesse disappeared for a very large part of the show. His total time was something like 7 minutes. How crappy is that? One more thing, the guy who Nikki got the info from, he was a horrible actor. He sounded like he was having a stroke everytime he opened his mouth. Like i said, do a better casting job!

Now, we'll be going to Smallville. One, you can't kill off Whitney, he was the one thing keeping Clark from Lana. She CAN'T have Clark. He belongs to Lex. And why the hell did they give Lex a girlfriend?!?! I was screaming. The people upstairs and outside heard me. They just completely screwed up my hopes and dreams. BUT it gives me a ton of ideas for new fanfics. At least shes pretty. I've seen her somewhere before. Don't remember where though...

The ep of Queer As Folk where Mel and Lins get married, it's just so pretty. I taped it. And Brian was all Michael Guerin about it. I meant to mention the parallels between Michael and Maria's relationship and Justin and Brian's relationship. Michael and Brian got that whole, can't be attached, can't let anyone get too close to my heart. Maria and Justin have that way of worming into their boys heart and planting themselves firmly. It's the cutest thing. And Isabel and Max are Brian's Lins and Michael. He treats them a little differently because they know a lot more about him. OK, theres more to that but i can't breathe and consequently can't type because of this stupid cold. It's all Jose's fault!

January 28th, 2003-
I have no idea what the name of the last Mutant X ep was but didn't you just want to smack Brennan's ex? Damn, forgot her name too. But I know the son was Connor. I knew it wasn't his son. That would have just messed everything up. We all know, despite the fact that Brennan said he'd keep in touch, we'll never see those two again. Shalimar uses that whole 'im a feral, im territorial' thing to mask the layers and layers of jealousy. Anyone within two feet of Brennan must be evil. Granted shes generally right but damn it, what happened to the benefit of doubt clause? Hey, where does the rest of the team keep disappearing to? I don't remember what's happening next week but the past two weeks we're either Bren or Shal oriented. Don't get me wrong, I love those two but how can I do character studies for my fic without the characters. Thats as hard as trying to keep Riddick in character for this Pitch Black fic from hell.
I'm sorry, I just can't watch Smallville when they're trying to take away my CLex! I will not do it!

As for Stargate Sg1, maybe scifi should just STOP PREVIEWING! They're completely ruining eps for me. The one with the creatures didn't seem finished because the previews made me think that the answer couldn't be so simple, yet so far fetched. And the one where they blamed O'Neil for the assassination, i knew they were going to use Foothold as a reference. And that new Agent has something up his sleeve. And I know that there will be fics somewhere that find a way to get rid of the senator because, well lets face it, no one likes him. Maybe we could ship him to Russia? Ok, done talking, need to go beg people for their links.

February 1st, 2003-
First off, if you get a chance, you should watch BIg Fat Liar. Paul Giamatti is so cool, after you see him in Duets, he just can't be a bad guy. Frankie and Amanda also do a good job. The movie might not have the best plot but its cute to say the least. MAJOR guest appearances. The 6 Million Dollar Man (Steve), Donald Fasion from Clueless the movie and series, Cho(w?) from Off Centre and both American Pies, this guy who I can't remember where the hell hes from but its some sitcom w/ him as the dad, Jaleel White, better known as Steve Irkel (sp?) and someothers. A really cute movie. If i wasn't so lazy, i review MX but hey. oh, I'm working on that Clex series and I'd like to take this moment to say thank you to my 'muse'and I love you. Also, if anyone's interested, I had this interesting convo w/ why Clex can't exist and storylines and all that good stuff. Let me know if you want to read it. Maybe I'll do a poll to see whose point is better supported by readers, his or mine.

February 22, 2003-
I forgot the name of name of the ep...Deveros, there we go. That was the cutest ep of Andromeda I've seen in a while. Tyr and Dylan are funny as hell, I love Romie and Harper too. I won't mention the potential for a slash fic. I won't corrupt Andromeda and ruin it for everyone.

I just watched Stargate's ep. Forsaken and being the scifi freak that am, I don't care how alien you are, those weapons were completely...stupid! That's not the word I want but no alien race, no advanced alien race, would design weapons that HINDER a warriors performance. The guns were bulky and hard to manuever(sp?), what happens if they were less than a foot away from the enemy with a weapon that exceeds that distance?!?!Otherwise, the episode was ok, Jonas made himself useful and Colonel is warming up to him...which is gonna be screwed up when Daniel visits...that little Sam/Jack moment at the beginning was cute

Smallville writers deserve to be beaten. HOW THE HELL DO YOU LET HELEN HAVE A KEY?!?!SHE IS THE DEVIL! Poor Chloe...she looked so hurt...we'll just have to hook her and Pete up. Write a nice little fic where everyone is happy. Martha's expecting...very good! Wonder how Clark's feeling about it. So much fic potential btw the last two eps...

Mutant X last weekend was pretty good. Brennan and Jesse are giving me Ulcers and hey, Emma got into the field for a change. Jesse doesn't listen and Brennan has a power complex. Shalimar has turned into the mother and everything seems like its a little off. Think I'll be writing a fic for that too. Oh yeah, Jesse got his ass kicked repeatedly in that ep and it makes me wonder if he had no powers if he'd survive in the real world.

DON'T LET THEM GET RID OF FARSCAPE! It's finally getting better and NOW they want to get rid of it?!?! All the good shows are least Stargate is doing well...any way, way to go Aeryn! She did very well with the mind probing and I knew that chick thing was a spy, she just didn't look safe. She didn't look much like anything, do you realize how loyal that crew is to each other? Jules was much better than Sakozu (thats not how you spell that). She always wants to leave someone behind. And Rygel is getting better. He actually looks guilty when he has bad thoughts. The others are all about family values and what not. Go them.
I think thats it for today. Don't forget to check out the rest of the site. It just occured to me that I should have added the new entries first and the old one last...oops.

March 3rd, 2003-
Lets start with Mutant x. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, a break for Feral Shockers. If Shalimar smiled anymore at Brennan, her face would've split in two. And when he was working out, she looked ready to lick him. That up and down, let me take you look was just beautiful. And the last yummy. I mean whats cuter than Brennan throwing Shal over his shoulder. And she called him honey and Bren and what more could a shipper ask for? 'Once Around' is one of the best eps to base a shipper fic on. There were hints of Jesse/Emma, possibly Emma/Adam if thats your thing and definite Shal/Brennan.

When Vic did the phasing thing, it looked really really weird. And Raymond was a bit freaky. And his henchman, Martin was unnaturally tall. Ok, I think thats it for Mutant X.

Alright, Smallville! He can read his language! YAY for Clark. I'm sorry but everytime I saw Christopher Reeves, I started lmao...I mean come on, he looked like he had no neck! Damn it! NO matter what anyone wants to say, Clark was NOT meant to rule earth and a simple, very long fic, will answer the problem presented in 'Rosetta'. I think it was kind of cliche how they incorporated his whole superman custom without actually showing it. Lex is starting to freak me out. He's got an unnatural affinity for the acquistition of knowledge. Lex, JUST LET IT GO. We can't make up Clexy fics if you guys become sworn enemies! Maybe I should stop talking to could be interpreted as insanity. Martha's pregnant! DUDE, Clark is gonna have a sibling. Which is going to make life a lot harder, especially with his secret. Doesn't Jonathan seem a bit strung out to anyone else? And God knows it's not because he's not getting any... Lionel is really creepy, and slightly reminiscent(sp?) of my math teacher. Too many turns in Smallville right now that are screwing up my writing abilities. One thing you realize when writing a series is that you cannot stay true to the canon. It does not work at all. Which is why if you read my fics, they'll fix it so my head is the world this takes place in.

I'm watching the reruns of Stargate and damn it, could there be a better General than Hammond? And in the ep 2010, Kinsey ended up president. See! He does screw up our future. Janet's make up is really nice. I'm mad Sam married Jim. I think thats his name. Nope, it's Joe. (This Purina Cat Chow commercial makes me want another cat). Anyway, it amazes me how unique this show is to have run for what, almost ten years? Or is it more? I've been watching it so long that I can't remember what season we're in. But anyway, they've done an excellent job with the show. Jack's not happy Sam got married. Poor baby. I don't feel sorry for them. They should have listened to Jack. I HATE the tour guide. EVERYONE loves SG-1. 'Uh, the suns beeping'. Daniel's soo cute.

And finally. I ordered almost a hundred dollars worth of dvds. Most are gay cinema or sentimentally valuable. Lets see...I've got (SORRY BUT WHO THE HELL IS MARIE CALENDER?!?!)OK...yeah...Dune, the new version, Triple X, If These Walls Could Talk, If These Walls Could Talk 2, But I'm A Cheerleader, Kissing Jessica Stein and something, those are the only ones but I can't watch them cause...I can't say. Alright, I think thats it for tonight.

April 26th, 2003-
Okay, so I only saw the end of the last Smallville ep BUT I saw enough to kill me. LEX LUTHOR CANNOT AND WILL NOT GET MARRIED. Granted, Helen could help keep the Kents safe but there's just soo much scandel and I get really apprehensive when watching this. Tom looked damn good in the white shirt, leaning on his arm like that, 'come take me, I'm innocent' smile in place. But Lana cant have him. It's wrong. but I'll fix it all in fics. You should read this one fic, I'll have the link up in a little while, with a threesome btw Clark, Lex and Helen. It's the only time I dont think Helen deserves to be beaten, with Lana
Next, I'm currently watching Andromeda and I'm pretty sure that chick is on again. The one who played Lorna and Desiree, she's on here! Stop stop stop! No more recycling. And the judge who tried her? Yeah, that's the judge from the Stargate SG-1 ep. Triad, where Klorel and Skaara were given separate bodies and Tollana got blown up. Oh, and Michael Ironside is on next week's ep. of Andromeda.
OK, last week's Mutant X. DUH! We all knew it was Eckhart. I mean come on. Poor Brennan! He's got a mutation again. I'ma give him a hug. or Shal should. But wait, yeah, last week. The episode was anticlimatic and I've seen the attorney somewhere before.
Some more to say but right now? I need to watch Mutant X.

June 6th 2003 - Ok, I was watching Return to the Blue Lagoon and I was looking at the credits and guess who's in it? Wayne Pygram. Scorpius from Farscape. But I don't remember what he looks like so. Oops.
You know the scifi original movie, Threshold? Lots of random people in it. Like Teryl Rothery, who plays Dr. Janet Fraiser on Stargate SG-1, um, that guy who played Madoxx on Mutant X, and Rhade on Andromeda, the guy who played the camerman in the Mutant X ep Body and Soul. And that guy who plays Krychek on the X-Files.

December 11th, 2003- Mum moved to Texas, teachers are ridiculously stupid and I'm bored as hell doing what I'm not supposed to. But, anyway, in reference to Mutant X and the new changes, I hate Lexa. Maybe I hate change or maybe she really is a bitch but she kissed Brennan and through the first ep, she kept calling him nicknames. Shalimar should have taken her down that second. And you know she wanted to. And in the ep. Hand of God, she has this pessimistic look on everything. You can't think Brennan's going to die. AND Shalimar carried him. How beautiful was that? Hated Wages of Sin because Brennan was kissing literally everyone but Shalimar. Into the Moonless Night was heart breaking and what that evil woman in the wheelchair did to him was just wrong. And I take it Brennan didn't like it either. But I don't know, the season isn't that bad, especially since they keep putting Brennan in suits, having lil' shippy moments between our favorite feral and elemental and Jesse is getting cuter by the week.

Now, what's up with Stargate SG-1. I'm looking for new eps and getting none. You're telling me I have to wait until January to find out where the lost city might be? That's not right. By the way, I found this excellent video done to Nickelback's song Someday, based on Stargate SG-1. It's just beautiful. Have to remember where I dled that from.

Another thing to talk about would be the short lived show, Tarzan. The first episode I saw (the one where Michael died) had me on the floor laughing at the sheer stupidity of it. The acting was desperatly lacking and the only thing holding the show up was the fact that Travis, who plays Tarzan, is really cute and really good at jumping over things.

In movies, as of now, I think if it doesn't have a British actor in it, it isn't worth watching. I saw Return of the King and dear god, sweet jesus...I never wanted to be a resident of middle earth this bad since the Battle of Helms Deep. If you haven't seen it, shame on you. Go do so now. Love Actually is a pretty good movie, too. It was cute how they brought everything together and I recommend you go see that, too. Even the guys will find it interesting. Not just the chicks.

I saw Matrix Revolutions, which was alright but really, I waited 4, 5 years for that?

Jessica Alba's Honey? The WORST movie. It didn't have a plot. I think they figured, alright, Bring it On work out for some ppl, and Drumline worked out for some other people, maybe this will work out if we throw one or two or a billion famous hip hop and R & B stars in it. I would be ashamed to put my name on it. And no offense to Jessica Alba but she seemed more of a 'tryin too hard to be' knock off of Jennifer Lopez (who I don't much like to begin with), than anything else. The movie was seriously a bad move for someone with too much time on their hands. Is it me or does it seem like the movie industry is spitting out movie after movie and only a handful of them are worth watching, or even original enough to call their own? Last year, or this year, there was a complete release of 433 movies. Hell, I saw about three of those and I LOVE movies.

September 29, 2004-

Major mind orgasms. Thats right, multiple. Farscape is coming back as a four hour mini-seies on Scifi on October 17th. I actually taped the commercial just to mail to my mom in Texas.I told my grandmother that under no circumstances can she have the television that day and God help me if I have to work. Hopefully, enough people will watch and maybe we can get our show back. Honestly, there was nothing like it on Television.

Okay, so I've started school. It's why I haven't been able to do much of anything with the site.

But I have been watching crazy amounts of TV and subsequently, I'm picking up new fandoms every day. I'm starting to write for Law and Order, and Law and Order: SVU. And I know damn well that I don't have the time to do either. I'm always looking for someone to help me maintain this site. I just don't know anyone with at least a basic understanding of HTML.

Alrighty, for people who watch Law and Order, Lenny should not have left. For any reason. And they replace him with Dennis Farrina. Oh please.

Stargate Atlantis...what can we say about that. Well, for one, it doesn't hold a candle to SG-1. Yes, it's widely watched. It's because we're trying to give it a chance to have some really captivating episodes. So far it's all...over with, I guess. There's nothing that I wasn't expecting, and I don't get the same brain teasing that SG-1 is famous for. And Tayla or however you spell it, is really not that special. They tried to do the peaceful woman who can kick ass if need, but it doesn't come out quite right. Okay, maybe peaceful isn't the right word. She's just...too soft spoken and too not interesting to do for the show what Teal'c did. Admit it, she's supposed to be a female Teal'c. Only he's cooler. And Major Shepard...I want more from him damn it! I want a little more conviction, a few more wisecracks, and for him to get over Tayla 'cause well, she's not that interesting. Hey! And McKay is not so much of an a**hole as he was before. Granted, you still want to smack him around now and then, but he's better when he's away from the glares and death threats of Carter and O'Neil.

I'm a bit late, because I saw this movie months ago, but the Chronicles of Riddick...could have been better. People don't know how to take a good thing and run with it. They could have explored what he really was. Furion (a bit too closely to the all too obvious furious nature of Riddick) was a, you guest it, furious race. We got that. Really, we did. But what else...? Are they unnaturally strong, what other differences are there? How many other humanoid races are there? Was he born on earth? Were his parents earth born people who moved to another planet and it somehow changed their genetic make up? And I was slightly upset because my story was based in a plot much like the one the movie seemed to want to explore, but didn't. Okay, Jack grew up and changed her name to Kiera. She worked for Mercs, Riddick left her to be safe with Imam. What did she do? They slaved her, but how? Were did she learn her defense moves? How many prisons has she been in? Was the nature of Riddick's eyes really a lie? Was he born with them? Or did he get them some other way? Maybe it was genetic and he used the shine job story to cover up his inhuman characteristics. I'm a sucker for details and so many of them were missing. They barely explored the Necromongers, beyond the fact that they were the walking dead. Kiera could have survived that little spearing incident. What did Riddick do with the most powerful army in the universe? Basically, what the hell happened? Don't get me wrong, I still loved it because Vin is hot as hell, and because scifi is my weak spot. But there were so many things left unexplored that I could have done a better job writing the script.

October 20th, 2004-





Great! You're still here! Okay, first, can anyone explain to me where Graza's baby came from? I'm assuming the Grand Chancellor but damn that's a fast pregnancy.
I can't be the only one that didn't question the way Rygel got pregnant until well after the fact. After I was done crying over D'Argo, I had to wonder how did crystallized baby fetus end up growing in Rygel. Was it his Hynerian chemistry? And although I don't particularly want the graphics, how did that tube thingy get the baby out of him. I mean, did they stab him in the belly or in the genitals or the...yeah, but anyway. Hey, and now that I think about it, Aeryn's body adpated really quickly to the growing baby shoved inside of her.

I thought Aeryn going into the labor was the cutest and most romantic thing the directors, producers, everyone involved could have done with the show.

Admit it, Scorpi was gonna cry when he had to admit that Sikozu was the spy. 'You ruined something unique'. Definitely wanted to cry. I didn't feel so bad for her. I felt horrible for Chiana, John, Pilot. Poor D'Argo. "I'm you're daddy!" Thats right D'argo, tell 'em!

December 7th, 2004-

Christmas is coming and no one cares and stupid people all over the nation want to take the Christ out of Christmas. Listen, guys, I'm all for freedom of religion and separation of church and state but are you freakin' serious?!?! There is no way you can do that. It's like asking Jesus to forego his birthday. You cannot take Jesus' birthday away. You'll burn in hell for it. I don't support any given religion, I'm all for everyone's equal rights, including the right not to feel forced into anything, but this a bit too serious.

Okay, now for some lighter news, ... I don't have any. That's right, I have absolutely no good news to share. Hey, but some lady who raises money for dead newborns who were abandoned, won the lottery. She depended on charities and business to supply the money that she used to bury the unfortunate children. Since the Safe Haven act, in which a unprepared mother can leave her baby at a firehouse or hospital, she expected that the infant mortality rate would decrease. Instead newborns were still being left in garbage cans and alleys where they died alone, before getting the chance to live a life of their own. The woman, who won the 27M dollar lottery, opted to recieve a lump sum of almost 9 million dollars. Most of it will go to a fund for dead newborns with no one to bury them.

This leads me into my next question. WHY do people who win the lottery opt for the lump sum? From what I understand you get very much less than half of what you originally won. No one, no matter how bad your debt is, needs nine million dollars up front. I would rather get the 50,000 a year on top of my salary or wages, and save it up. Everyone wants to be a millionaire and when they get the money they don't know what to do with it, so they waste it one way or another. I read an article that spoke of several people who won lotteries numbering in the millions. Some had to file bankruptcy after as little as a year later because they had less than what they started out with. Others have nothing to show for it now, and instead still work their nine to five.

June 19th, 2005-

It's been a long couple of months. From school to work and back. And now that I'm done with both of them, I've realized how much time I've wasted. I've missed out on Stargate, the last season of Mutant X, although I downloaded it, haven't written as much as I wanted and I've put my other website on hiatus indefinitely. I'm trying to focus on this site and my message board Midnight Paths.

November 24th, 2005-
Look, ma, no job! So I quit, and 20 bucks says I'm still not going to update this site. Sometimes, as much as I want to, I can't find the inspiration. I'm so restless and still can't find ways to let it out. So I haven't really seen anything on TV, or in the movies, because I have absolutely no time to live. And that's probably not going to change. Someone, help me with this restlessness! I'm trying to get my friend to cowrite a fic with me, help me entertain myself. I'm really good at starting fics and not finishing them, so I have like 13 WIPs.

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