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To My Friends in FVLA

I dont know what to say

So Lets talk about my 3 FVLA years.

3 years its not too short, is it?

I am so happy to meet Brittanie, Jessica, Chris, Carl, Megan, and Matt in this school.

They are very nice to me and surely that they are my best friends in this country and I know that I will miss them the most after I leave.

First year yes, I still remember that Carl did throw couple pieces of paper on my Head!! ( lol ) my feeling was hurt when Chris was laughing in front of me. But I know that they were trying to have fun and they are good boys. Chris always reminds me to remember this, how could I forget about it? ItíŽs a funny memory with Carl, through.

Second year I became a friend with Carl, he still do something funny out of me. Just as same as Chris, but they are my friends, and thats a friendship thing.

Third year I still remember very well. (Better than first and second year, of course.) I have to say sorry to Chris, because there is a lot of people said that I like him or he is my BFsome kind of things like that. I tried to get some distances with him so that people will know that we are just friends. I also hope him wont think that I am trying to make him to like me or something I got angry with him a lot of times

I do like him as a friend. He is really a nice boy ^_^ (maybe I should say that he is a nice gentleman???)

Whenever Chris was too mean to me, Brittanie and Jessica would yell at him for me. I guess I might be a little bit too laze, even too laze to speak out for myself. : P

Beside these two boys, there is Matt.

He is a gentleman and always being nice to girls, but sometimes he is also funny as well. I could not say any word but nice about him.

And finally, there is Megan!!

We dont talk to each other very often, (well, I dont even talk very often, do I?) but she is very nice, we dont talk to each is not mean that we dont each other It just that we dont know what to say yet. I still know that she is very nice

I am so glad that I can study in FVLA with those friends.

If I am not a Taiwanese I might want to stay hereíK but I have to go back.

I will miss all you friends very much hope that we will still keep in touch.

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