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History of Al-Fuvla

At 2:00am, on a warm July night in 2002, two FVLA students were discussing the upcoming school year, and wondered how they could do their part to recruit students and mold existing students to be challenged to excel. They both decided that FVLA needed a student union, or pep club. The two decided to build a webpage. “If you build it, they will come” was the initial motto of the organization, however the members felt that Al-Fuvla deserved a better motto. “Giving Each Student the Opportunity to Laugh” was established as the new slogan on August 22, 2002.

‘What does Al-Fuvla do’, you ask? Al-Fuvla is a community-oriented group. We serve the community by protecting society from “Terraists” and other evildoers that FVLA produces. We are well known for visiting the elderly, performing crossing guard duties at Spring Hill Mall, delivering food to various faculty members, and delivering free newspapers to those who are confined to their residence.

In a school of 36 people, it is hard to get to know your classmates. Another objective of Al-Fuvla is to bring the school together in God’s name and engage in Christian Fellowship in Fellowship Hall.

Al-Fuvla can also be considered a Christian Youth Group. All members have received specialized training in the New and Old Testaments. Al-Fuvla held two major Christian Youth Gatherings. One was held at the Arlington International Racecourse for a day of Christian Fellowship and Underage Gambling.

If you are not a current/former student, you may not understand the statements on this site. We are here to serve you, and if you have ANY questions as to the content of this site, please-please-please contact us through E-Mail.

Sanks for visiting. God Blesh, and Stay Safe.