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Tim Choate was born in Texas. After graduating from UT in Austin, he briefly attended Cornell University as a Masters Student, and then moved to New York.


In his first year there, he appeared on Broadway in Hugh Leonard's Tony award winning play DA, with Bernard Hughes, and then later with Brian Keith. Also in that first year, he was in his first film, Merchant/Ivory's THE EUROPEANS, opposite Lee Remick. His association with Merchant/Ivory continues today, having done three pictures with them. These include, JANE AUSTEN IN



MANHATTAN with Anne Baxter, and most recently, JEFFERSON IN PARIS with Nick Nolte and James Earl Jones. After DA closed he appeared in several Off Broadway plays and various films, including GHOST STORY (as young Fred Astaire), Brian DePalma's BLOW OUT, THE FIRST TIME and DEF-CON 4.

In 1982 Choate appeared on Broadway again in over three hundred performances of Beth Henley's Pulitzer prize winning comedy CRIMES OF THE HEART. Later, he was on the stage again at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with Stacey Keach and Jo Beth Williams in Robert Sherwood's IDIOT'S DELIGHT, directed by Peter Sellers.

After almost ten years in New York, he moved to Los Angeles. His work there consisted largely of appearances as a guest cast member on various television shows, most notably, NEWHART, FRASIER, MURDER SHE WROTE, COACH, CAGNEY AND LACY,DIAGNOSIS MURDER and BABYLON 5, where he was unrecognizable under hours of make-up as the recurring alien character, Zathras.

He has also appeared in many television movies. The most notable of these are GUNSMOKE: THE LONG RIDE playing the new sheriff opposite James Arness, SPY with Bruce Greenwood and BLIND WITNESS, where he plays a murderous psychopath, named Remy, who spends the movie trying to kill the star, a blind Victoria Principal.

In 1991 during the Gulf War, he traveled to Pakistan, to appear in Jamil Delavi's film IMMACULATE CONCEPTION with James Wilby, another Merchant/Ivory alumni, for London television's Channel 4 Films.

Tim has continued to work in the theatre since leaving New York. Tim has traveled to New Haven Connecticut Tim has continued to work in the theatre since leaving New York. Tim has traveled to New Haven Connecticut to appear in plays at the prestigious Long Wharf Theatre. There, he appeared in the title role of George Kelly's THE SHOW OFF, directed by Aarvin Brown and playing opposite the late great Joyce Ebert. Also at the Long Wharf, and again playing the title role, he was in Christopher Hampton's THE PHILANTHROPIST and received the Best Actor Award from the Connecticut Critics Circle.

Most recently, he worked with Al Pacino in Eugene O'Neill's THE ICEMAN COMETH, a staged reading project at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. Tim Choate can also be seen in the upcoming comedy film, THE CALLING, starring Sean Young and Penny Marshall.


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