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Welcome to Worlds Away!

Need to give your spirit a lift? Soar to Worlds Away!

Step into an exotic world of shaman, spirits and adventure as primitive cultures clash. Or let a changeling guide you on exploration of the strange and magical Tocari. Immerse yourself in excitement and romance and emerge refreshed, with a sparkling new perspective on life. Feel free to exchange ideas, opinions, suggestions, stories and critiques with other readers and writers on the forum board, explore our growing collection of writing, scifi and fantasy links, and please introduce yourself in the guestbook.

Read Mistress of Calistar

Mistress of Calistar: When murder and the threat of a devastating evil propel Rachael, a changeling raised in America, back into the world of her birth, she finds friendship, betrayal, deadly power and passion, and discovers the terrifying reason why she had been banished from Tocar.

Read Jovai

Jovai: Yaku Shaman is aging and the apprentice the spirits choose for him is unacceptable. As powerful enemies hunger for the destruction of their people, Yaku vows he will do the spirit’s will, but that will require the sacrifice of everything he holds dear.

Short Horror Fiction: Give yourself a welcome chill! Strange, creepy or just plain odd stories.

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