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Herald Aryn's Home

You find yourself outside the door to a fairly nice chamber, clearly used by Herald Aryn. Her personal chambers are not open to the public yet, but you feel that you can explore the rest of the Colegium at will. In one direction, there is an immense pasture, Companion's Field where Gravin, Aryn's Companion, and the other Companions are ready to explain about themselves and Choose new Heralds. A doorway leads to the rest of the Heralds' Wing Where Aryn and the others make their home. There, you can find links to the other Heralds' Homepages! Off to the left, there is another door, leading to the Classrooms, where you can learn the languages, the Geography, History, even the current events of Valdemar and the surrounding lands. behind the Palace walls, you can see two buildings being built, a bookstore and a tavern! You find that you can contact Herald Aryn simply by clicking Here. You know that you will want to return soon to this wonderous place.

This Heraldic Collegium site owned by Herald Aryn
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