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Welcome to my little Web Page. My focus is promoting Windows 32 Bit assembly using the Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM). Here you will find an assortment of free source code to learn from as well as some of my favorite tools, links, and eventually tutorials. -- NaN

11.29.01 Again another 2 months plus, and mild progress has been made with the OOP creator, however it *Will* get more progress in early next year (lighter coarse loads). As well im happy to announce that WE'VE MADE IT TO THE BIG TIME :). Our OOP model and simple start-up examples have been released with Steve Hutchesson's MASM32 All-in-one package! (We even got our own directory! ^_^ ) So if you don't already have our OOP model, I encourage you to get the startup package from his web-site As well, untill i can find time to clean up this site a bit better, (Thomas) has been keeping a well organized and up to date listing of our progress and available down load examples (only 2 made it into Hutch's Masm package).

Last thought, thank you to all who are interested in our work and take the time to frequent our web pages.
09.17.01 Well two months have just flown by and we are still not finished. But don't loose faith, its also coming along QUITE well. I have placed alot of research over the last month into expanding the object model and as a result there is not full support for INHERIANCE (to the n'th degree), POLYMORPHISM, SUPERCLASSING (one level back), and INTERFACING in MASM32 Assembly!!. We have designed a powerful set of macros to keep the syntax similar to HL syntax, while keeping the actual code created by these macros as optimized as possible. As well, the object model has been tested to encapsulate microsoft COM into easy to use interfaces, and the outcome worked on the first try! We are very excited about our project's outcome at this point, but unfortunately we are both back in school and the project will slow down in the months to come. To date we have an updated Object Creator Tool, and a final version to be released. The tool is only an update of the previous one to support all that was mentioned but it is NOT the new tool we are working on. Together they will allow you to build objects easily in MASM32, but you will have to manually edit any revisions as the new tool is not ready.

YOUR FEEDBACK WANTED: If you want to see these late BETA versions released while we finish the new tool/editor in the months to come, please post us a message on the Win32Asm Messageboard and i will make considerations for a pre-release.

NEW: There is two "teaser" source code examples of how the new model works, and the compiled EXE's in the SOURCE CODE section.

Thanx for your support, happy coding, NaN
07.14.01 Ok, I discovered a Utility I didn't realize i had stored away, so i thought i would share it. Its a window SPY utility that will spy for window handles, their styles, and alot more. Some one worked real hard on this, but unfortunately i don't know where i found it. Get it in the Tools Window.
07.10.01 For those who are curious, I'm back in the work shop hacking out a more robust version of the Object Creator tool with the help of Thomas ( Together we have plans in the works to provide a solid, and more robust tool with more features geared towards quickly creating new classes from existing code to suit your ASM projects. As well, this new version is being built using as many Object Orientated Models as possible (Now that we have a tool to start with). As a by product, there will be more working class structures available to provide more examples of how OOP can better serve your Assembly needs.
05.23.01 I have updated the Object Builder tool, as well as provided a tutorial on designing a LINKED LIST class. The full source is available as well as the compiled version. This should help spark your interest. I worked hard on this to get it out to you quickly, but there could be a bug I overlooked, if so E-Mail me, Thanx, NaN
05.21.01 I have added a new tool to build CLASS OBJECTS in MASM32! Some Documentation on objects (minimal) are included, there will be a tutorial posted shortly! Check it out in the Source Code section.
05.12.01 Now have some 'discussion tutorials posted' under the tutorials section!
05.10.01 First free source is now available. A set of macro's to help make your code more efficient. Also please sign my guest book and give feedback.
05.09.01 Now have 'some' ASM tools uploaded. Only HELP references are available.
05.06.01 Page has just been built and is still in testing (stay tuned, more good stuff to come).

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