Clan Assault BattleMechs

     Assault 'Mechs mass from 80 through 100 tons. They are massive behemoths bristling with firepower and plated with heavy armor. They are too expensive to lose and too slow to keep up a running fight, but anything that opposes them risks certain destruction.

Marauder IIC
Marauder IIC Garrison 'Mech 85 Tons
64.8 kph 212 Armor year: 3055
2 Medium Pulse Lasers
4 ER Small Lasers
The Clan upgrade of the venerable Marauder. Tends to overheat.


Behemoth Garrison 'Mech 100 Tons
54.0 kph 288 Armor year: 3055
2 Gauss Rifles
2 Large Pulse Lasers
1 Small Pulse Laser
Very slow, very heavy, very strong 'Mech. More of a (slightly) mobile fortress than anything else.


Daishi OmniMech 100 Tons
54.0 kph 304 Armor year: 3050
4 ER Large Lasers
4 Medium Pulse Lasers
2 Ultra AC/5 Rapid-fire Autocannons
Big, ugly, slow, and tough. Approach from the rear.


Kodiak Garrison 'Mech 100 Tons
64.8 kph 280 Armor year: 3058
1 Ultra AC/20 Rapid-fire Autocannon
1 ER Large Laser
8 ER Medium Lasers
2 Streak SRM-6
The apex of 'brawler' designs. Do not close within 270 meters and expect to live.

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