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   Okay I have decided to open up a Ghosts section in my website. At first I was kind of skeptical about doing this section. But after I talked with a good friend of mine who has had experiences with ghosts (and still does!) I decided to dedicate this section to him. I will leave his name anonymous but he knows who he is. 

          Many people believe that if someone dies in a horrible fashion or if someone dies and still has unfinished business he or she is aloud to stay on earth until their tasks are complete. There have been a number of sightings in this area from seeing apparitions to physical contact and aggressiveness from the spirit. Many people go to Tarot card tellers and psychics to try and make contact with them. People have claimed to have made contact through this method though I do not suggest it. I personally believe that their are some Tarot Readers and some Psychics that really can do this task but it is not a gift. I believe that this is in all reality what some people might call black magic. I believe that the people who can do this are actually being lead by demons or in contact with them. Which needless to say is not very kosher or in other words very safe for both parties of the Reading. (Parties 1=Tarot Reader/Psychic. Party 2=Client) Well anyways back to the ghosts section. I do believe that people have seen ghosts, and I do believe that they may appear in human form. Why and for what reason is beyond me. I have decided to put a few real Ghost encounters on my site. These are not those spooky stories like when you sat around a campfire at camp and told to one another these stories are real encounters that the story teller would swear his life on.

    Also if you have any Ghost encounters or stories that you would like to submit please email them to me.

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