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Unlike other Mortal Kombat Fan sites, our history section doesn't contain just  pages of text.
Instead our resident artist has put together a few pictures to illustrate key Points in Mortal Kombat History.
The history line is taken from that of the games, movies and TV-series and has slightly been reworked and mixed to provide a unique view of Kombat history(well thats my opinuion). We dont cover all just a few key points. Remember this is our view of Kombat history and thus does not represent one form of media. But forNow Enjoy.

The early years of Shinnok's Family. Left we see the young Shao Kahn, Right Rayden. As test of his sons abilities he orders them to fight to the death.  The strongest would have no problem at this. Rayden wins, but spares his brothers life. Shao Kahn disappears soon after.  Rayden Becomes the Guardian of Earth Realm giving up his former powers as a minor god and now drawing his power directly from Earth Realm. Shinnok vanishes also. Thousands  and thousands of years pass.

Shao Kahn emergers in another realm after learning the abilitity to soul steal.
His power becomes great and conquering of Realms begins.
As he drains the life from the conquered Realms, Outworld is born and Shao Kahn
rises to Emperor. His army begins to grow.

Shinnok enters Earth Realm trying to over take it, but faces the Guardian of Earth Realm, his son Rayden.
Thousands of years past as the two battle it out. Rayden with the aid of the other Elder gods is victorious.
Shinnok is Banished to NeatherRealm. Thousands of years pass.

The Elder Gods create the Mortal Kombat Tournament
to give Earth Realm a chance agaisnt  the possible future invasion by the Emperor Shao Kahn after pleading
by the Shaolin Temple. Competitors picked by Shao Kahn  arrive to compete in Mortal Kombat.

An Earth born warrior Shang Tsung is choosen to defend Earth Realm Agaisnt Outworld.
During the competition he cheats in battle and is sentence to death by the judges of Mortal Kombat.
Shao Kahn offers Shang Tsung freedom from his punishment if he joins him. Shang Tsung accepts and is
taken to Outworld.

Under the guidance of Shao Kahn Shang Tsung soon learns how to steal souls and use there power.
His transformation from a human to demon sorcerer is complete.

The mighty Shang Tsung  now representing Outworld wins  9 tournments. Along the way he takes the lives and souls of the other contestants. But his overconfindence proves to be his undoing, when the Shaolin Monk named Kung Lao defeats him on the tenth tournment. Shang Tsung life is spared, but his youth is lost. Transformed into a weak old man Shang Tsung flees back to Outworld and disappears.

In joint effort by Shinnok and Quan Chi, they instruct the members of two rival clans to retrieve a scared amulet for them.
The amulet will allow Shinnok to escape is confines and enter the Earth Realm. During the Mission the two rival clan members,
Hanzo Hasahi of Shirai Ryu Clan and Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei clan come into conflict. During a long battle Sub-Zero kills
Hanzo Hasahi. In death Hanzo Hasahi is given a chance by his demons to return to avenge his death. But in doing so he will lose all memory of his former life. Accepting the terms Hanzo Hasahi is reincarnated as a specter named Scorpion.

 In an attempt to regain favour with the emperor and have his youth restored Shang Tsung creates a mystical island. A gateway between Earth Realm and Outworld. Enlisting the help of Goro, prince of Shokan Shang Tsung soon wins the Tournment and the island  becomes home of the all future Mortal Kombat competitions.  Eventually Gore is Defeated by Lui Kang.
Shang Tsung is inprisioned and returned to Outworld and is to be excuted by Shao Kahns Shadow Priests. Just as he faces death once again he begs Shao Kahn to spare his life and to give him a second chance. Agreeing  Shao Kahn restores the sorcerers youth along with additional powers. Shang Tsungs plan is put into action and he invites
Earths warriors to a tournament in Outworld. But this is a mere cover, while they fight the tournament in Outworld Shao Kahn finds a loop hole in the rules and manages to open a portal to Earth Realm. The Merger of Earth and Outworld Begins.

During the Outworld  tournament Scorpion defeats Sub-Zero but doing so is cursed to remain as a Specter.
Returning to hell. Scorpion suffers at his fate. Not long later Shao Kahn summons him to join his extermination squads.
While in Outworld Scorpion soons learns some new tricks. With his new skills Scorpion soon exchanges his famous harpoon for a seperant like creature found in Outworld. The creature inhabits the specters body and at command can be fired from the palm of his hand with deadly results.

The legend of Subzero continues, as the name is taken by his younger brother. This new Sub-Zero is to become
one of the greatest warriors of all time. Facing dishonour, Sub-Zero flees the Lin Kuei after refusing to be automated. He
soon joins Earths warriors in the battle to Stop the merger.

On a secret Mission two human members of the Lin Kuei, Sektor and Cyrax journey to the
NeatherRealm. They are to deliver two anicent boxes to Shinnok. One box contains
the murky oil of a warrior named Noob Saibot. The second contains the spirits of extinguished warriors of the Lin Kuei
of the past. The deal is Shinnok gets Noob Saibot in exchange for
 resurrecting the spirits of the  Lin Kuei into an army to serve the Lin Kuei clan..
Upon their return Sektor and Cyrax  are Automated by the Lin Kuei and are sent to hunt down Sub-Zero.

Changing the deal made with the Lin Kuei,  Shinnok uses all the spirits of past Lin Kuei warriors to create a single life force instead of an army. Now revealing himself Ermac steps forth dressed in a Lin Kuei uniform but serving Shinnok.