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Loving my Master

Master and Servants

There's a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees

We call it master and servant
We call it master and servant

It's a lot like life
This play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

It's a lot like life
And that's what's appealing
If you despise that throw away feeling
From disposable fun
then this is the one

Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

Let's play master and servant
Come on, master and servant

By Depeche Mode

I touched his hair and felt it between my fingers. He was not mine but I was his and I loved the way he let me run my hands through his hair. He’s sleeping on my lap. Completely trusting me to protect him and save him from any danger in the world. I worship him as a god and he worships me as a protector.

He opens his eyes and looks into mine, smiling as he begins to run his hands up my thigh. My breath catches in my throat as I feel him lift up my shirt and kiss my abdomen. I love it when he does that. I sigh and feel his fangs dig into my flesh, as he possesses me.

“You know what to do…” He whispers and stands before me.

Getting on my knees, I do as I have been taught and kiss feet, dirt and all. I worship him and everything that he steps on, however I wish that he would avoid the pies out on the road. Sitting up straight I begin to undo his trousers with my teeth. I am not allowed to use my hands. It is the whip with me, if I do. This usually takes me a while to do, because I am also not allowed to speak and must use motions to indicate what I want from him. Gently tapping my head on his right foot I indicate him to lift it up and pull of his shoe with my teeth. Doing the same with the other, I go back up to his trousers and use my teeth and lips to peal the tight clothing away from his body. He told me to use my lips when I do this; it makes him shiver slightly.

Getting up I begin to undo the buttons of his shirt. It took me a while to learn how to master this but now I can take off his vest and shirt in one minute flat. Having all of his clothes off he stands before me in all of his glory and I kneel down once more to worship his being. He fills me with much love and understanding that many have scorned and prosecuted me for. He may tell me what I am and what I am not. He may make me his dependent, but he loves me with all of his heart. I see it in his eyes. He loves me and he wants to make me happy and that alone would let me worship him willingly. He has never forced me to do anything I have never wanted. He is always kind in making sure that I am pleased with what he is doing and is accepting of advice that I may give him. Not that there is much to give!

“Get the equipment.” He tells me and I go to the bedroom to fetch the chain cuffs and flogs. Putting them down by his feet I bow and lower my head. It is disrespectful to look your master in the eyes.

“You forgot the collar.” He hits me once with the leather flog. “Go get it.” He hits me one more time and I turn quickly so that he may not see the smile play upon my lips. Getting the collar, I once more kneel by his feet and lift my hair to fit the collar.

“I love it how you know what to do already.” Smiling he leans down for a kiss. “Which shows that I am being too predictable.” Not putting the collar on he throws it across the room. I frown and give him the sad look and hope that he has something more sinister in mind.

“This place is a mess. I want you to clean it.” He suddenly tells me. Looking down I indicate whether he wants me to put something on or to stay naked. “Get me my robe and the corset for you.” Crawling back to the bedroom I feel the hot stings of the flog hit my behind. Coming back with the items, I see that there are now two other men in the room. These men are mortals, but they are involved with the same activities that we do. My master fairly likes them, that we sometimes have little parties between ourselves. Something that I altogether look forward to all the time. However, today it’s an unexpected visit and both of us are naked before these two clothed men.

“Ah! Here is our little man.” The mortal master calls out.

Smiling I put the robe on my master, with my teeth, and hand over the corset to him.

“I really don’t know how you got him to be so submissive. Mine always ends up whining or doing something like that.”

“I have practiced before and know what men really want.” He pats me on the head. “Besides your not exerting enough punishment to your slave.” Picking up the corset he puts it on me and roughly pulls on the strings, making my waist three inches smaller than normal. How women ever get used to this I have no idea, but I love the feeling that it gives me. Talking to the mortal, he motions me to kneel down unto my fours. My back is now perfectly straight and perfect for him to sit on. “See how mine is completely in tune with me. I do what he wants and he does what I want. That is the ideal relationship that our kind can obtain if they want to.”

“Spoken like a true man. Now, my boy, I must get going. I just wanted to say hello.” The mortal master walked ahead of his slave and really did not give the slave of any indication of what he may do. Mine on the other hand sat on my back and pulled my hair to lead me to the door. The mortal again gawked at what my master could do to me. “We have to get together for lunch sometime to speak about this.” He patted my head. “I have never seen any one do this.”

“Unfortunately my days are set, but my evenings are always free.” They said there goodbyes and I closed the door with my head. Heading back to the living room my master said, “That fool could not train a dog to pick up a ball, much less a slave. Ugh, what is this world coming to?” He asked to the air, not wishing to hear a response. “Now please take me to the couch and start cleaning the house.” Doing so I deposit him by the long couch and prepare to get up. However, he grabs my chin and asks, “Am I a good master to you? I have not pushed you to done anything that you would have never wanted to do?” There is worry in his eyes and I nod quickly telling him that everything is okay. “I want to hear your voice.”

“I am yours my master and you have and always have done things that are perfect for me. You know when to overpower me and when to let me overpower you. You are always kind and thoughtful towards my needs and never let me starve when I desperately need something. You are the kind of master that one finds rarely and I wish to be the same to you as your slave.”

Leaning back, he puts his hand on his chest and then covers his mouth as he lightly fans his eyes to dry away the tears. “You always know what to say to make me feel better.” Kissing me on the lips, he opens my mouth and drags his tongue over my fangs. Feeling the little bit of blood pass through I moan at his sweet taste and groan when he separates me from it. “And you are the slave that one only finds when the day sky becomes like the night itself. You are beyond perfect, my slave. My Lestat. Now get to work, the flat needs to be ready for tomorrow night.”

Nodding in approval I pick up the duster and begin to dust the furniture. Hearing some ruffling from behind I turn and look at my master, only to feel the sharp sting of the whip hit me. Grinning he whips me a few times, destroying the corset fabric.

“However, tomorrow we will first have to dress you up and buy some new clothing.”

Running to him, I quickly bend down and kiss his feet and go back to my spot with the duster. Disappointed that he did not whip for that act I look back at the couch only to see that he is not there, but standing directly behind me.

“Like I said,” as he undoes the corset and puts his hands on my breasts. “I’m becoming far too predictable.” He sinks his fangs into my flesh, making me cry out in ecstasy.

“Oh miche Louis please don’t stop.” Licking the wound he kisses it and moves away.

“Continue the good work.” He smiles and pats my behind and moves to his chair picking up the nightly paper to read the day’s events and leaving me to clean the house as I always do.


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