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C o l d S i l e n c e .

Some doves are tinted grey..
[Name] Carolina [Residence] United States [Music] Rammstein, Garbage, Type O Negative, Falling You, Massive Attack, Bjork, KidneyThieves, Rasputina, Static-X and others. industrial/ gothic/ ambient/ trip hop/ alternative/ classical/ metal/ other. [Insanity] Art, web site design, writing, skull barrettes, striped stockings, Alice in Wonderland, Jack the Ripper, The Matrix, contradiction, truth, end of times, prophecies, mystery, death, humor, pessimistic, optimistic, combat boots, eggrolls, tea, silence, neutral, expression, psychology, intelligence, spiders, spider webs, symbolism, harrassing Lizz, un-natural hair colors, technology,insomnia [Pets] 2 ferrets- Bomber and Speedy aswell as a ragdoll kitty named Sabbath. [Favorite Movies/Anime] The Matrix, The Animatrix, Se7en, Vampire Hunter D- BloodLust, Stigmata, Princess Mononoke, The Cell [Current Goal] To get out of here. [More on elle artíste]I’ll write something later. Photographic Memories
If you would like to contact me, my mostly used AIM screenames are:silentacerbus and zoloftplacebo or by clicking "email" on the main page.