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The Angel of Death

The episode opens with a tour of our solar system and some form of energy traveling through the fold in space. The energy form makes its way to earth on the West Coast. At the Fairgrounds for the 1992 World's Fair (near the sea), a woman emerges from the energy. A guard at the Fairgrounds watches her arrive and tries to stop her but this woman knocks him out with one solid punch. Then we see this woman is not human. She begins to record her mission, "Arrival complete. Beginning seven day mission." On Day Two, Katara prowls the dark streets noticing three aliens exiting an office building. The aliens make their way to a parking lot and pull out weapons to put in the trunk of a car. The woman rolls a hubcab towards them and suddenly advances on them. Before they can reach their weapons, she strikes them by firing atomic bullets at them. She grabs one dying alien and asks, "Where is the Advocacy?" He tells her that she is not of their kind. "Tell me, where are your leaders?!" she demands. She leaves the scene as the aliens die. At the Cottage, Harrison is astonished that there are thirty-seven dead aliens in the span of two days. Norton reports to everyone that whoever it is- is real good because three more aliens are dead. Harrison suspects it could be a civil war among the aliens while Ironhorse says it may be an armed mutiny against the alien leaders who promised their people an easy victory they couldn't deliver. At a hotel, Katara corners an alien and he tells her he knows that she is a Synth from the planet Qar'To. She tells him that she wants the location of the Advocacy. The alien says, "To life immortal" and plunges down 23 floors to his death. Katara reports that the whereabouts of the alien leaders is still unknown at day three of her mission.

At the hotel crime scene, on day four, Ironhorse and Harrison investigate. Ironhorse mentions there's a different M.O. this time around but Harrison believes that the alien fell 23 floors. He believes whatever was in the room with him was worse than 23 floors without a parachute. At the aliens cavern, the Advocacy are concerned about this new threat. "They are destroying us street by street- city by city," Advocate Oshar comments. Advocate Horek asks, "Who is they? Who is killing us?" Oshar replies, "Humans who have found a way of recognizing us." Advocate Xana then asks, "But how? We are invisible inside their repulsive primitive bodies." Horek answers that it obviously this no longer seems to be the case. Oshar says that their soldiers must avoid human contact except where absolutely necessary. An alien (named Jake in the script) tells the Advocacy that they are ready. "Find those with the ability who see us as our true selves," Xana commands. "How is this to be done, Advocate?" Jake questions. Oshar says that the humans who are hunting them will be looking for them again but he says not to kill them. Xana orders that they bring them their living bodies so that their mind and bodies will betray their comrades. "So it shall be," Jake says. "To life immortal" the Advocates and Jake both say. Later, at the Botanical Gardens, three aliens in the bodies of housewives are gathering food for their unit. They hear a noise and believe it could be the caretaker's cat. They see the Synth and recognize her. The Synth attacks the three aliens and one of the aliens tries to escape, sending an S.O.S. commininique to the Advocacy. "We're under attack Advocate!" the alien screams. "Who is attacking you?" Xana replies. The Synth hits the alien and he walks towards her. "Where is the Advocacy?" The alien says that the aliens will never tell her and the alien shoots herself. The Synth destroys the communications link to the Advocates. "Our communications link has been broken," Xana says. "So it would appear. But by who?" Oshar wonders. "Discover that Comrades, and we will discover the means of fighting back," Horek vows.

Harrison, Ironhorse and Suzanne are at the scene of the latest deaths. Suzanne reports that there is a new form of alien residue and Harrison mentions the high radiation levels. Ironhorse says there are eighty-six dead aliens now in four days in five different cities. The team leave and the alien Jake is also at the scene. Harrison is contemplating the problem and the lab results from the residue show white crystals- organic tissue turned to glass. Harrison says he has seen this in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Harrison thinks the weapons might be nuclear bullets. He says they're dealing with new players in the game- new aliens. The Synth says the inquiry method is useless so she'll try something else on day five.

Harrison says other than Quinn, they have not had received any information from the enemy. They need to capture the aliens alive at a warehouse. Norton says to lure the aliens he can transmit old alien transmissions inside. Ironhorse says the aliens will have to go whether they think it's a lost patrol or a trap. Suzanne has a new bacterial method to capture the aliens. It will knock them unconscious but not kill them. At the caverns, the Advocacy hear the transmissions. "An obvious trick to lure us into a trap. The idiocy of the humans never ceases to amaze me," Xana comments. Oshar says whether it is idiocy or brilliance, they must take the bait. "And so it shall be," Xana states. Ironhorse states that this plan might work because it sounds very sound. The aliens pull up to the warehouse. Ironhorse tells his men to let the enemy inside first. The aliens listen to the transmissions Norton sent them (some messages include "Avoid drinking water in Mexico...that includes ice..") and enter the warehouse. Once inside, the aliens turn off the transmitter that is sending the transmissions.

Suddenly, the aliens are ambushed, and the team tries to advance but the Synth comes out of nowhere and begins knocking out Ironhorse's men and killing aliens. Harrison and Suzanne rush into the gunfire to save Ironhorse. A fleeing Jake snaps a pic of Suzanne during the battle- mistaking her for the Synth. The Synth knocks out Ironhorse and Suzanne and Harrison cannot find him. At the Cottage, Harrison tells Norton, "Ironhorse is dead." Suzanne tells Harrison he probably is still alive because there were no human casualties at the battle. Ironhorse is at the Fairgrounds held upside down as the Synth watches him.

"Where am I?!" Ironhorse asks. "Earth," the Synth replies. She demands the location of the Advocacy. He says if he did he would have killed them long ago. Knowing which side he is on, she releases Ironhorse. The Synth says, "I am Katara sent from planet Qar'To to annihilate the people of the three from the planet Mor-Tax." Ironhorse asks where the rest of her team is at. She says that one is needed to accomplish this simple task. She then orders him to yield to her as she reads his mind. At the cavern, Jake returns. "You were ordered not to return without those humans who know us!" Xana snaps. "Spare me Advocate. They are not human," Jake explains. "Not human?" Xana questions. "I saw their method of attack. I saw their weapons. I saw their leader. It is a Synth from the planet Qar'To. It is assumed the shape of a human female," Jake says. "You can recognize the leader?" Oshar asks. "Our camera recorded its abhorrent image. This is the one," Jake tells the Advocacy. He shows the Advocacy a picture of Suzanne claiming she is the Synth. "Join us Comrades and hear our plans," Xana tells other aliens. "No one from Qar'To can be allowed to live on this planet," Xana stresses. "Find the leader and bring her here," Oshar commands. "I am nothing without your counsel. To life immortal," Jake responds. "To life immortal," the Advocacy say in unison.

After reading his mind, Ironhorse tells Katara his throat is dry. She says that he has had much to tell her. She says everything he knows- she knows. She tells him not to fear her because they have a common enemy in the aliens from Mor-Tax. She says her people want to preserve humanity. She tells Ironhorse she needs his help because her power has its limitations. She then tells Ironhorse to tell the team that she is a friend. Ironhorse returns to the Cottage and the team check to see if he is an alien. When he checks out, Ironhorse tells the team that there are more aliens- and these aliens are peaceful. He says that something is wrong with Katara and that they need her since she's on their side.

Jake follows the signal of the Synth to the Fairgrounds. "We have good news, Advocate," Jake reports. "We are here. Speak," Xana replies. "We have located the Synth assassin from Qar'To," Jake says. "Then bring it here," Oshar orders. "We cannot, Advocate. We are too few in number," Jake admits. Horek then decides, "Remain where you are. We will lead this momentous battle ourselves." Xana orders the underlings, "Bring us fresh human bodies." "We must also construct a circuit disabler weapon to destroy the Synth," Oshar adds. The aliens bring humans to the Advocates and Xana says with a pleased tone, "These bodies shall do nicely." "To life immortal," Oshar hisses. Under hypnosis, Ironhorse says that he was in a large room over water. Suzanne believes that Ironhorse could have suffered memory loss from post hypnotic suggestion. She also is weary of this alliance with Katara who is a killer in her mind. Harrison believes they should side with her because she wants to help them and means them no harm. He says according to her without the advice of the Advocacy, the lesser aliens will die out. He believes that they might win this war now. On day seven, the team arrives to see Katara. From a distance, Jake sees Suzanne and tells the other two aliens with him that she is the Synth. The Advocacy will arrive soon to lead the battle. Entering the Fairgrounds, the team are encased in a shield by Katara.

Katara tells the team not to worry. She must conserve her energy beore she leaves. She tells them that the aliens must be defeated and she informs the team they must continue to wage this war. The Advocacy arrive (in the bodies of firemen) at the Fairgrounds with a large quanity of reinforcement and Jake and the other two aliens greet them. "Welcome Advocates," Jake says. They ask if the Qar'To Synth is inside. "Yes. She has returned with three male humans," Jake answers. "Humans as allies?" the Advocacy ask in astonishment. "These ignorant humans. If only they knew their fate," the Advocacy comment. They add that it is good that they will lead the assault. An Advocate hands the circuit-disabler to an alien. "Use this circuit disabler on the Qar'To Synth," the Advocate orders. "To life immortal" the aliens pledge. Katara says that she must return before the time fold in space folds back again. She encourages the team to fight the aliens and tells them fear is their enemy in this war. She will return within one year. She notices the aliens storming the Fairgrounds and she tells them now they can't escape. She wants to help and protect the team- so she tells them that she will handle the aliens. She admits that she believed that the Advocacy would be cowardly to attack her but she underestimated them. Suzanne uses a gun General Wilson gave her and Harrison and Norton use staffs to fight. "Kill her first and the humans will be helpless," the Advocacy order Jake and the aliens. There is a long fight between the aliens, Katara, and the team. Many aliens fall but many keep advancing. Norton, Suzanne, Harrison and Ironhorse are all shot. The aliens mistakenly use the circuit disabler on Suzanne but suddenly use it on Katara who kills Jake. Harrison notices from Katara's wound that she is an android. It seems that some of the team are dying due to their wounds.

Later, it seems that the aliens and Advocacy have left- and Katara heals her own wounds and the entire team members with some mystical form of energy. She tells them she must leave now. Harrison wants to go with her but she tells him he cannot because his body has not evolved yet and is not synthetic like hers. Katara finishes her report in her native language, "Mission incomplete. Must return for reinforcements. Humanity as future food source still in danger." She promises Harrison she will return. She leaves and Harrison smiles and says, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

COMMENTS: Wonderful episode that is written and directed by Herbert Wright. I enjoyed the fact that for once it is the aliens that are the hunted and in a way, the aliens were fighting for the right side as opposed to the team who were oblivious about Katara's true purpose. Elaine Giftos had a sultry quality as Katara and her mind-reading scene with Ironhorse was almost orgasmic in nature. This episode was the season finale of the first season and I think was a nice bridge between the first and second season. I think Greg Strangis and crew could have proceeded and made a wonderful second season. But of course, we all know that Paramount had to come along and massacre the show. But bravo to the first season regular cast- Richard Chaves, Jared Martin, Philip Akin, Lynda Mason Green, Ann Robinson, the three actors who played the Advocacy: Ilse Von Glatz, Richard Comar and Michael Rudder (and the variety of substitute male Advocate actors). Also, John Colicos should get special mention. Greg Strangis, Herb Wright, Tom Lazarus, Durnford King, George Bloomfield, William Fruet and the entire crew of the first season of WOTW deserve credit for some wonderful television. It is a shame that it changed in the second season but at least, we all can remember the first season.

Katara reports about her mission

Ironhorse and Harrison plan to capture the aliens

The Advocacy learn of Katara's arrival