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Welcome to Kaybea's TMNT Homepage

Under Construction 1*24*00

Here's a new link to find about the 2001 
TMNT con in Novi!

This is a great site with lots of time put into it. It
is THE collection of TMNT fanfiction (including mine, 
heh) If you like fics-this IS the place to go!

The Story Continues

 Okay. So take the archie universe of 1996. What's
going on now? Things were changing at a pretty fast
rate during this time, and the boys were growing up
pretty fast. So now, at about 20, what would be 
going on in their lives? This story doesn't have
a lot of action (none yet, but I'm getting to that)
but it has its funny parts. Anywho, check it out..
My Perception of the TMNTA 2000. 

Tommorrow's Today

Ok. This one hasn't had much time spent on it. It's
only has one part up. It's set in the TMNTA future
universe (you know the whole 'turtleco' thing. I
wrote the first part in a weird mood, so sorry, it's
way out there.
 **Chapter 1 added January 26, 2001 

Hey, check it out! A new links page! Wow!Go here to
find some really cool TMNT pages!

how I see the guys



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