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Who is William Ashbless you ask? The enigmatic poet pops up time and time again in both authors' work. But who is he? Well, sorry to burst your collective bubble, but Ashbless is a fabrication. Powers and Blaylock created him in college. That's right. Sorry if you spent long hours digging through romantic poetry anthologies, but he's a prank that the two of them started at Fullerton.

Tired of "hippy drivel" poetry, the two of them conspired to create poetry that was not only better, but pretentiously poking fun at these unrhymed, unpunctuated poems that frequently got published. So one of them would write one line, and then pass it to the other, and vice versa till it was done. Despite the fact the poem was complete nonsense, "Ashbless"'s poetry received some acclaim, much to the amusement of Blaylock and Powers.

As a literary figure, Ashbless encompasses a scope of roughly two hundred years worth of notoriety. Unless of course the Ashbless character in "The Digging Leviathan" is discounted as a separate entity from the Ashbless in "The Anubis Gates". It is somewhat unclear.
Aliases of William Ashbless:

Brendan Doyle

Guillermo Ceniza-Bendiga