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1. Don't take over the other player's character(s), unless they have told you it's okay.

2. You may hurt a character but no killing or taking off body parts without the permission of the player.

3. You can only play three of the original cast members.

4. You may make up as many characters of your own as you want. As long as you can keep up and not slack on your posting.

5. No made ups with the Quicksilver gland, One I-Man is enough. No more Agency employees, we have enough of them too. And no aliens, vampires, special powers, creatures from hell either.

6. No long lost children for the main characters of the show.

7. No whining if you cant have your way. If I do see whining and/or complaining I will remove you from the list.

8. Post atleast once (more if possible) a day.

9. If someone hasn't posted within five days move on without them if you can. And if it isn't possible to move I will allow the other player to speak and move the other character they are interacting with to get the scene moving along. But this is the ONLY time you are aloud to take over a character without permission.

10. If you have to be gone for a while please let the list know or email the owner privately.

11. No announcements about other games/discussion lists/fanfic lists without my permission.

12. Have fun!