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Other Stuff

Other Stuff

The Alex Monroe Lovers Club
"The Alex Angels"
I'm Alex Angel # 9

I'm Darien!

Which Invisible Man Character Are You?

cadefirstwave got their NeoPet at

I am siamese dream... Well, it looks as though your life is starting to look up.
Everyone loves you. You can call things whatever the hell
you want to call them now, without any explanations. Not
only are you godly for having a song named after America's
favorite condiment, but you're on the top of everyone's list
for what they want shoved in their stocking come Christmas
time. Hot Damn. How the hell are you supposed to top this
moment of your life? Oh well, no need to get melloncol--
Wait.. No.. How the hell do you spell that stupid word...
Whoa, wait a second.. That sounds like a plan!
Which Smashing Pumpkins album are you?