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George Fraley

Player: ohfan007

Actor: Peter Frechette

Age: 37

Occupation : Former Computer/research head of the VCTF,before they lost funding,(he is quite aware they have regained funding, and is trying to get himself transferred back), Present he is a student at Quantico,(he is still trying to figure out why they are making him take the courses, when he's already been an agent four years, with out going there.), and "if-you-need- your- federal- computer- fixed-call-me- guy" which basically means, if someone contacts the FBI saying their computer system is acting screwy, he gets to go because they love ::sarcasim:: him. Background: Jewish, when he actually is at his apartment, he lives with his roommate, Richard, and their cat, Job.

He is a computer hacker, and was almost sent to Leavenworth for "playing" with bank funds, as he had slipped into the wrong crowd.A little group called the Cahill-O'Connor syndicate.Yes, it is big in organized crime.He got out of their services though, joined Atlanta Pd, thanks to his friend John Grant, and when he was able to get into the VCTF, nailed one of the guys he worked with, when they tried to get him to pull some more jobs. He has a great sense of humour, but his jokes tend to sound a bit sarcastic after his ordeal fighting an addiction to pain killers, which he is clean of, and hopes never to have to live with something that horrible again.Especially since Richard had him try accupunture to cure himself,after only one session, he decided it would be best to go talk to a shrink. He misses his friends at the VCTF, especially his friend Grace, and her son she named after him, "Little Georgie." He wishes to take some time off, when ever they wll let him, and go visit his mother in Minnesota,and go visit Isreal. He is a braves fan, and he loves chocloate.

He has done somethings considered "un-kosher" sometimes when he was helping with a case, like hacking into classified files, the Fbi has looked down upon that, after they found out during the cleaning out of the VCTF building, (which is now up and running with everything, and a new computer guy, Chris Monroe) and so they have put him where he only does things like fix viruses and such, but they may reassign him back to the VCTF, but he doesn't know that, yet, as it isn't really decided, yet