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Bianca Sampson

Actress:Demi Moore

Player: electricgurl

Full Name: Bianca Genevieve Sampson

Nickname: B

Age: 26

Birth date: March 25, 1977

Height: 5'8

Eyes: Blue with streaks of Green

Hair: Dark Black almost blue

Family: Both parents and her brother died when she was young. The rest of the family are either dead or living in Ireland. She was raised in foster homes until she turned 18 and got her own place.

Occupation: A con artist. Travels over the world conning high esteemed people and government official's. Also she has background in hacking and robbery.

Personality: Outgoing and carefree she knows she can get her way…why worry. Short tempered with a small fuse. Would blow a con rather then take a chance. When it comes to people she cares about she is selfless. Would prefer a real job but was raised this way. Loves to have fun…laughing, gong out for the night, etc… Can't wait for the big hit so she can retire.

History: Was born in Ireland and her parents and brother moved to North America as the IRA were becoming to much to handle. Shortly after the move her parents and brother died in a car accident. She was sent to foster homes all over the United States. Having a hard time during school she took up learning karate and other self-defense training. When she turned eighteen and she could legally live by herself.

She moved to Canada making quite a name for herself. By conning anyone and everyone she could. After having been almost caught by the police she ran to the states laying low. She learnt about hacking computers and robbery. She would go back and forth from conning to robbery. All depending on how much money she needed at the time. She has been to every continent using her skills.

She is just looking for the final pay-off so she can retire and get a real job.