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Aurelia Moreno

Actress: Jennifer Lopez

Player: I DarienFawkes I

Age: 30

Birth date: October 15

Height: 5'6"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Family: Mother: Justine. Father: Marcus(Deceased) Sister: Adriana. Cousin: Allianora Black.

Occupation: Chrysalis Agent.

Personality: Not very nice. Gets bored easily. Is a brat towards Stark most of the time.

History: Aurelia Moreno had a very crummy childhood. She doesn’t really remember most of it but she remembers bits and pieces of her past. She ran away from home, stayed with friends then ended up just staying out on the streets.

When she found out her cousin, Allianora, got ill she started going to the hospital everyday. No matter what she would go and see her since Alli was the one person she talked to and trusted the most from the family.