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Darien Fawkes

First Name/Screen Name: Chris/DarienFawkes311 (AIM)

Email Address: NickBoyle2@AoL.CoM

Actor: Vincent Ventresca

Character Name: Darien Fawkes

Age: 32

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, 6'0. Has a tattoo of a snake on his right wrist. It changes from green to red depending on how much quicksilver is in his system.

Education: High School

Special Gifts: Can turn invisible

Skills: Can break into almost anything he wants, builds paper airplanes out of boredom and they actually can fly...etc..etc...

Position in the Legacy: None

Personality: Isn't usually a serious person, only when need to be. Most of the time he's a smart ass.

Family Information: Parents killed in a car crash when he and older brother, Kevin, were just kids. Kevin was murdered a couple of years ago.

Friends: Lucy de Vere, Bobby Hobbes, Claire Kenny.

Other: Until recently, Darien earned his living as a small-time thief. Then his criminal career was ironically interrupted by a detour onto the path of the straight-and-narrow. Sentenced to life in prison for a crime he (mostly) didn't commit, Darien was transferred from jail to laboratory when he agreed to be a guinea pig in a secret, government experiment. Because Darien's own brother is the head scientist in the experiment, Darien believed he was basically safe. A gland that secretes a mysterious substance -- Quicksilver -- was implanted at the base of Darien's skull. The Quicksilver secretions enable him to become invisible at will, but they unexpectedly also degrade his higher brain functions, unleashing his dark impulses and pushing him towards insanity. The inevitable destruction of Darien's mind can be only partially and temporarily suppressed by a counteragent, administered on a frequent basis by his government handlers. Consequently, Darien has struck an uneasy deal: the counteragent in return for serving a clandestine government agency as a secret operative. But even without the degenerative effect of Quicksilver, Darien still struggles with his dark side. And he's a loose cannon to his bureaucratic handlers, who seem not entirely pure themselves...Now fed up with The Agency Darien has gone AWOL.

Note: This is a crossover character from the television series The Invisible Man.